A premier automotive warranty administrator is a key to happy, loyal customers for your dealership.  This is why The ACE Group has curated the most strategic service contract and warranty administrators available. 

It’s essential to The ACE Group to offer our dealer partners excellent programs for any want or need they or their consumer may have. In our quest for the best, we discovered Alpha Warranty Services and identified them as one of our top administrators.  

“In our mission statement we say “value people over profit”.  We want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our dealer partners, mutual customers and employees and everything from our programs, claims process and even technology is designed to accomplish that.” Darin Ramos, VP of Sales.

 Alpha Warranty Services provides a full line of unique and valuable Vehicle Service Contract programs built upon a foundation of integrity, dependability and consistently delivering superior service.  These guiding principles led us to select them as our trusted partner…and a few other reasons.

  1. They have coverage options that fit every need and budget.
  2. Their ASE Certified claims adjusters are quick, efficient, and have outstanding customer service.
  3. They email you a summary of your customer’s paid claims.  Every week.
  4. They’re incredibly flexible and can offer you custom options for your specific needs.

Alpha Warranty Services has repeatedly received recognition as one of the leading Vehicle Service Partners and is a uniquely versatile player in the industry. Continually improving their programs, systems, and services, Alpha has set new standards that we’re proud to offer our dealer partners and, in turn, your clients.

Alpha Warranty Services continues to be one of the lead administrators we recommend to our clients. They don’t waste time looking for reasons to deny claims. Their philosophy is simple, pay claims and get the customer taken care of. From program flexibility to customer service these guys are the real deal.” said Kenny Adkins, National Sales Manager of The ACE Group.

Alpha gives us unwavering confidence that we’re providing and protecting our partners with the absolute best the industry has to offer.

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