We are retail car guys who live and breathe F&I.

Whether your dealership is on the east or west coast or right down the street from us in Kansas City, you need F&I solutions from automotive consultants that know what it’s like to sell cars every day. We’ve walked that mile in your shoes. And now we’re on the other side, offering a broad range of expert F&I training and tools.

Our hands-on experience lends valuable insights into what will best benefit your dealership. We know what works and what doesn’t.

As budgets tighten, you can count on The ACE Group to provide the advisory services and products that will help you increase profits and reduce liability—not just now, but also for the future.

We’ve spent years driving profit on the sales floor. Now we’re driven by your success.
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F&I Training – Your Automotive Success Is Our Mission

Success is top down. We understand that long-term success begins with quality F&I manager training. Auto sales and dealer finance training mark the cornerstone of what we do. We partner WITH you to deliver the best training services, world-class products, and consulting solutions.  Our expertise will synergize your teams through skills development to produce a highly proficient flow of sales and operations. Our automotive consultants make it our mission to help you create an environment with the right tools and skill sets to meet your goals and exceed them.

F&I Solutions & Dealership Products – Improving Profits For Dealerships Everyday

Learning the right skills and developing an ideal flow of operations is one part of the equation. Having outstanding products is the other. Our automotive consultants extensive experience on the sales floor makes us uniquely qualified to partner with you. We are not insurance guys; we are car guys who decided to get into the insurance business. We know what works and what doesn’t. The F&I solutions and dealership products we offer are designed to perform for both the customer AND your business. Whether you need products for dealership compliance or want more comprehensive packages, our excellent coverage and variety of terms will give you an edge over the competition and maximize your sales.

Happy dealership, happy customers = successful bottom line!

f&i consultant

We are retail car guys who know F&I, not insurance guys who have never sat in your seat.

auto finance consultants

No matter where your dealership is, our automotive consultants analyze the market for you and represent the best providers of all products.

dealer consulting group

We offer on-site and off-site training on all products, menu presentation and the entire sales process.

automotive training consulting

We provide a free initial analysis and ongoing performance tracking of your variable operations.

Our Expertise Will Help Improve F&I Performance Across The Board

When you work with The ACE Group, you and your customers WIN. What could be better than increasing profits exponentially while building long-lasting customer relationships? We’ve worked in this industry. We KNOW what works and what works efficiently. Choosing The ACE Group as your automotive consultants means getting:

• The BEST F&I Training and Support

• Localized Dealership Products Analysis 

• On-site and Off-site Auto Dealer F&I Training in Products and Sales 

• Dealer Finance Training for Effective Money Management

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Deliver Profits With Financing &  Increase Sales With Dealership Products

Auto Service Contracts

Extended Service Contracts

We offer auto service contracts to cover every scenario. From basic coverage to comprehensive plans, our expansive and flexible service contracts can be customized to meet each customer’s unique needs and budget.

GAP Insurance | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group


ACE Group’s GAP providers protect your customers against financial loss. If their vehicle incurs a total loss due to fire, theft, collision, or any insured peril, customers can be financially protected against the loss.

Bundled Protection | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group Dealer Services

Bundled Protection

Our packaged deals give you a higher level of flexibility so you can offer coverages unique to your customer’s circumstances. You can offer them a preset bundle or mix and match the coverages. This allows you to compile a profitable and advantageous package for your customer.

F&I | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group Dealer Services

F&I Product Financing

 ACE Group is partnered with Line 5 to offer superior protection plans for automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and more. Guaranteed approvals and zero down payments mean the customer gets the coverage they want at an affordable price, and you sell more products.

Dent & Ding | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group Dealer Services

Dent & Ding

Make your customer’s happier by offering them a way to keep their purchase free from unavoidable dents and dings. Under these plans, minor dents and dings will be removed without harming the vehicle’s finish.

Wheel Road Hazard | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group

Tire & Wheel/Road Hazard

Whether caused by road debris, potholes, or more, road hazard protection plans will repair or replace damaged tires and wheels due to poor road conditions. This is perfect for customers who’d prefer not to pay for a full vehicle maintenance plan but still want protection for their tires and wheels.

Identity Theft | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group Dealer Services

Identity Theft

 It would be nice if it weren’t a thing, but it is a reality that cannot be ignored today. If an automated system or creditor were to try to open an account in their name, our Identity Theft Recovery Program would protect your customer’s identity in real-time.

Windshield Products | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group

Windshield Products

Choose from repair-only windshield plans or repair & replace plans when chips, cracks, and star breaks threaten the windshield’s integrity.

Key Replacement | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group Dealer Services

Key Replacement

Replacing keys can get costly, especially if it involves a computer chip within the key and reprogramming. With Key Replacement, your customers will be protected against stolen or lost keys and roadside services.

Automotive Interior & Exterior Protection The ACE Group Dealer Services

Interior & Exterior Protection

Wear and tear are inevitable, but with interior and exterior protection, your customer’s vehicle doesn’t have to degrade. These plans help protect vehicles from costly incidents and elements.

Diminished Value | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group

Diminished Value

Unexpected accidents can cause a sudden loss in the value of your customer’s vehicle. The ACE Group’s Diminished Value Protection Plan helps eligible members recoup the value lost after an accident.

Prepaid Auto Maintenance | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group

Auto Maintenance

Regular maintenance is critical for a vehicle to stay in a road-safe condition and to hold its value. Quality maintenance plans have also proven to be highly effective in customer retention.

Dealership GPS | Automotive Consultant | The ACE Group


Protect your inventory with our GPS program that offers benefits on many levels, including inventory management, GEO fencing, speed alerts, and more.

Dealership Technology with The ACE Group

Technology Partners

Step into the future with dealership technology that promises an expansion in revenue. Our automotive consulting services include process automation, virtualization, connectivity, and artificial intelligence applications are examples of integrated technology designed to provide maximum dealer and consumer protection, optimize resources, and create new sales opportunities for you.

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