A high-pressure approach to sales often makes customers uncomfortable.  Potential clients want to be courted without feeling the pressure from a persistent sales pitch.  A low-pressure or even no-pressure approach will ultimately result in more sales.

Low-pressure selling is not driving the prospect into a buying decision, but letting them reach the decision themselves; not selling them, but letting them buy.

Here’s how you can kill the high pressure close at your dealership…

  • Provide products your customers truly need and want

Competitive advantage comes from being able to fulfill your customers’ needs better than other dealers. Be proactive about discovering the products and service your clients are looking for. As soon as you identify your customers’ most critical needs, leverage that feedback to profitably improve your offering. Work collaboratively with buyers to identify what they actually want and need.

  • Be a good listener

Practice active listening to identify your customer’s pain points and seek out product feedback.  Use this information to decide which products are a good match for them.  Acting as a consultant instead of a sales person approach will naturally pull the buyer in and cultivate trust. Once you learn to understand and diagnose the problems your prospects are facing, you can problem-solve together. The value of your product will be much more apparent to the prospect, without the need for a pitch. 

  • Give them proof

Everyone wants to see supporting evidence to give them confidence in what they’re about to purchase.  Share customer success stories, case studies and testimonials to help show what your products are capable of doing for them personally.

The best sales teams focus primarily on delivering happiness and value to potential clients who, organically, convert into loyal paying customers.  Visit The ACE Group today to discover the better products and start getting better results.