Aftermarket service contracts are an excellent source of additional profits for dealers of both new and used vehicles. The ACE Group has partnered with Alpha Warranty Services to provide high-quality, high-margin service contracts for your dealership.

Alpha Warranty Services: A Leader in the Automotive Service Contract Industry

Alpha Warranty Services is one of the nation’s top service contract providers. Founded in 2002, the company offers a full line of vehicle service contract programs that are centered on both new and used vehicles. Alpha has set new standards in the vehicle service contract industry and is committed to providing the best service to its dealers and customers.

4 Top Alpha Warranty Products for Car Dealerships

Alpha Warranty Services offers a variety of popular service contract products to fit every car and budget, including both new and used vehicles. The following four service contract products can both meet the needs of your customers and improve your dealership’s bottom line.

A La Car Program

The A La Car Program provides excellent coverage with a menu of options. It offers eligibility for up to 15 model years and 175,000 miles. Coverage includes up to 88 individual parts in the engine and cooling system, transmission and transfer case, and turbo/supercharger, with optional coverage of other systems available.

A+ Program

The Alpha Tiered Program provides better coverage for the customer’s peace of mind. It offers eligibility for up to 15 model years and 150,000 miles. Coverage includes:

  • Up to 260 individual parts in the engine
  • Transmission and transfer case
  • turbo/supercharger
  • Suspension
  • Drive axle
  • Cooling and air conditioning
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical system
  • Seals and gaskets

PriorityOne Program

The PriorityOne Program provides the best coverage with the highest level of protection. It offers eligibility for up to 10 model years and 125,000 miles with an unlimited mileage term length. Coverage includes up to 750 individual parts in all major systems. A hi-tech coverage option is available.

New Car Program

Alpha also offers superior protection for new vehicles. The New Car Program offers eligibility for up to 5 model years and 60,000 miles. Over 750 parts are covered in all major systems. Coverage also includes 24/7 roadside assistance and rental coverage assistance.

Why You Want to Work with Alpha Warranty Services

With plans for all customers and vehicles, Alpha prides itself on superior service with ASE-certified claims adjusters for outstanding customer service. When you’re ready to start selling, Alpha’s eContracting & eRating process enables you to quote and sell a contract in less than 60 seconds.

Alpha helps your bottom line with a Dealer Profit Sharing program and Dealer No Chargeback Program. You can incentivize your salespeople with fun daily giveaways as well as the ability to earn entries to an amazing annual giveaway every time they sell a contract.

Contact The ACE Group today to learn more about improving your bottom line with vehicle service contract products.