At The ACE Group, we understand that your dealership has many options when it comes to your F&I needs.

That’s why we never take our clients’ business for granted.  We know that they won’t give it to just anyone.

4 Reasons to Trust The ACE Group with Your F&I Needs

Before you choose any company for the finance and insurance products your dealership needs to succeed – and boost profitability – please take a moment to consider why so many have chosen The ACE Group.

1. Background in Selling Cars

One of the things we’re proudest of is that we’re car guys who saw there was an opportunity to serve others like us by working in the insurance business.  We’re not insurers who merely started selling insurance to dealerships.

Many of our clients have noticed this almost immediately because our approach is so different. They can tell that we understand the unique challenges they’re up against.

2. Access to a Complete List of Products

Of course, it also helps that our approach involves all of the essential products your customers want. These automotive products include:

Extended Service Contracts and Warranties

GAP Insurance

Bundled Protection

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too.  We also pride ourselves in looking to improve our list of niche products. So, you can rest assured that whenever you peruse our inventory, it represents the cutting-edge of what the market has to offer.

3. The Support of Experienced Consultants

Despite our expansive inventory, we know it’s not always easy to choose which products to offer your unique demographic. Pick the wrong ones and you will end up with unhappy customers. Worse, you may end up with none at all.  This is why it helps to have a consultant who can guide you through the entire process.

Our team will begin by taking a full assessment of your dealership before proceeding to make recommendations about which products make the most sense and why.  We never want our clients to feel as though they’re simply guessing which products make the most sense.

4. A 100% Customized Approach

Furthermore, you never have to worry that we’re forcing a cookie-cutter suite of services on your company. We know that just because certain products work for one dealership doesn’t mean they’ll be a good match for yours.  We’ll work with you to find the selection of products that make the most sense.

Partner with an F&I Provider You Can Trust

Finally, this is how we view the relationship we have with our clients: a partnership.  We know that the better your dealership does, the better we’ll do, as well.  So, if you’d like to work with an F&I provider who will be supporting you 100% of the way, please contact us today

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