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Automotive consulting for F&I.

The ACE Group is a Kansas City-based automotive service consulting team that offers industry-leading F&I services for dealerships. Our products and services help our dealer partners boost profitability, and more importantly, increase customer satisfaction and retention. We offer a broad range of Finance & Insurance solutions, in addition to providing expert training and support for all dealership personnel.

We are constantly seeking out and vetting new niche products in the current marketplace. This allows us to tailor a sales system and product offering to your specific store’s needs. You will never have a cookie cutter big box store package or sales system pushed on you when you partner with The ACE Group in Kansas City. Our automotive service consulting starts by acknowledging that every store stands on its own with its own unique set of struggles.

We know and understand the unique challenges that dealers face every day and we’re dedicated to providing you with strategies to effectively compete in today’s automotive retail market – all while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and integrity. Whether your dealership is in New York, California, or right down the road in Kansas City, ACE Group’s automotive service consulting can help grow your business and keep customers happy!

Elevate your dealership’s position in the market and achieve unparalleled success with the unparalleled expertise of The Ace Group Automotive Consulting. As a renowned leader in auto dealer F&I training, our primary goal is to propel you towards surpassing your goals through our highly effective services. We understand your desire for triumph, and that’s precisely why we offer a comprehensive range of F&I solutions and cutting-edge tools. With our proven strategies and resources at your disposal, you can confidently drive your profits to new heights and establish your dealership as an industry frontrunner. Contact us today to get started!