Let’s face it. We’re all still adapting to a new normal when it comes to our businesses. And it doesn’t help when employees job hop to a competitor—leaving you with unfilled positions at a time when doing business-as-usual-as-possible is hard enough. The truth is, you need to act quickly to keep the revenue stream healthy but moving too quickly can result in hiring personnel that are the wrong fit.

Let ACE Group take some of the pressure off. Our Kansas City firm can help with car dealer staffing, with highly experienced, full-time employees who can be your temporary employees while you look for the right person to hire. They’ll help you keep your business moving, whether you’re looking for an F&I Manager, a Sales Manager, or a General Manager. Call ACE Group in Kansas City and get your car dealer staffing needs met. We can have someone at your dealership the very next day, to fulfill the duties needed, for as long as they’re needed. So you can take your time finding the right permanent hire for your dealership.

Our employees are trained, professional, and seasoned, able to jump in and seamlessly start working—something that’s vital in an industry that was known for high turnover even before the pandemic hit. And it’s not just open positions we’ll help fill. If you have an employee on vacation or in a training session, ours are happy to step in.

Contact the ACE Group in Kansas City for your car dealer’s temporary staffing needs—regardless of if you need someone for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. We certainly hope you don’t find yourself in a bind (we know how stressful that can be). But if you do, rest assured we have the right people to get you out of it.

Call Kenny Adkins, Managing Partner, today at 816-215-1002 to learn more about this or any other needs you may have.

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