Inventory management is the most difficult process for dealerships to consistently master. Customer experience is seen as their physical interaction with staff and amenities when often speed and accuracy of service are what value the most to customers. Increasing throughput by quickly and accurately identifying current inventory can be a game changer for any automotive dealership, The ACE Group can assist through our network of partnered technology solutions.

The CarOffer technology suite includes a real-time, integrated “point of appraisal” bidding platform, as well as automated inventory, offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of these “on-the-money” offers are available for instant liquidation and also come with an optional 45-day guaranteed sale offer. CarOffer delivers a sophisticated and completely integrated tool suite that can replace 6 subscription products dealers are currently paying various vendors thousands of dollars each month.

The platform also enables dealers to buy and acquire retail-ready, up-stream inventory with confidence and discipline via CarOffer’s patent-pending dealer-to-dealer transaction marketplace known as Matrix. It is a revolutionary new way to both acquire and liquidate inventory instantly.