Trends are constantly changing, but that does not mean you have to fall behind. The car industry has had to adapt in the face of environmental regulations and technology advancement, and these changes are present in the automotive industry trends of 2021. Listed below are five car trends and a brief summary of their impact on the automotive industry.

5 Car Trends You Need to Know in 2021

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a revolutionizing trend that enables manufacturers and automotive industries to increase accuracy and production development speed. Advanced data analytics also offer the benefits of enhancing product designs, optimizing supply chains and increasing sales.

Artificial intelligence has helped pave the way for other automotive industry trends, such as self-driving vehicles.

2. Autonomous Vehicles

Another notable car trend in 2021 is autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles. These vehicles contain autonomous features that are meant to make up for human weaknesses and limitations, particularly in persons with disabilities. Autonomous cars range in levels of automation, depending on the level of human-automated system monitors’ interference.

This degree of driver-vehicle interaction has also led to human-machine interface (HMI) in vehicles, allowing for feedback that allows for a safer driving experience. Self-driving and HMI are revolutionizing the experience and relationship between drivers and vehicles.

3. Electric Vehicles & Shared Mobility

Electric vehicles (EV) are the more sustainable car option for the future by helping to combat pollution and the dwindling reserves of fossil fuels. It is more important than ever to convey the benefits of EV protection for consumers as regulation laws and consumer interests change.

Shared mobility, and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), also helps to reduce pollution compared to traditional vehicles.  This trend also has the benefit of reducing fleet waiting times.

4. Connectivity & Communication

Vehicles are also becoming more connected with their own digital identity and convenient features, such as security, entertainment, internet connectivity, app-to-vehicle connectivity and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The benefits of connectivity for customers will transform the automotive industry and embracing this change will only work to maximize car profitability.

Internet of Things, or IOT, is another way vehicles are staying connected and becoming more advanced. Similar to electric vehicles and shared mobility, IOT minimizes pollution. Additionally, through fleet management, IOT helps manage traffic congestion and improve road safety.

5. Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is another trend that is helping to revolutionize the automotive industry by helping to improve product quality and designs through 3D printing. Additionally, 3D printing speeds up production through quicker design and testing phases.

Artificial intelligence, autonomous and electrical vehicles, connectivity, and additive manufacturing are the future of cars. They accelerate vehicle production, change the experience between drivers and vehicles, and provide sustainable options for changing regulations and environmentally conscious drivers.

Stay on Top of Car Trends in 2021

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