The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about our everyday lives, but it’s also been the catalyst for some unexpected changes within the automotive industry. These are changes the industry has been resisting for years, but they have finally brought the car buying process into the 21st century.

While there’s plenty of data showing how COVID has changed car buying, it’ll become even more apparent the next time you visit the dealership to purchase a new vehicle. That’s because many of them have changed how they’re selling and interacting with customers, making the process easier than ever.

3 Ways COVID Has Changed Car Buying

Are these changes brought on by the pandemic here to stay? Possibly! Here’s what you need to know about car buying in today’s world:

1. There’s More Demand for Car Buying Online

These days, we’re so accustomed to buying nearly everything we need online. After all, who wants to leave the house when items can be purchased with just a few clicks on Amazon? Unfortunately, going digital was something many dealerships often resisted, forcing customers to visit a showroom and interact with salespeople in order to purchase a new ride. Once shutdowns started happening, these dealerships had no choice but to offer online sales to move their inventory.

There’s even data that shows how COVID has changed car buying within the millennial generation. For the first time, millennials have topped baby boomers, purchasing more new cars than any other generation in 2020 and making up 32% of new car sales. This change can likely be attributed to the switch to online shopping and the ability to purchase vehicles without visiting a showroom.

2. Customers Are Taking Test Drives Alone

Could the days of having to take test drives with a salesperson be gone for good? It’s possible. Due to the pandemic, solo test drives have been offered at many dealerships nationwide as a way to protect their employees and the customer from contracting the virus.

The reality is, customers sometimes feel uncomfortable taking their test drives with a salesperson. By going solo, they can focus on truly experiencing what the car has to offer without having to listen to a sales pitch or answer questions from someone who is trying to make a sale.

3. There’s an Increased Need for Car Ownership in General

Due to health concerns, many people want to move away from public transportation methods in favor of their own vehicles. Owning a vehicle decreases the amount of time spent surrounded by strangers in close quarters. Plus, people are able to take necessary precautions to sanitize their own vehicles when needed, ultimately lowering their risk of infection.

With no end in sight to the pandemic, dealerships will likely continue to see car sales skyrocket. While owning a vehicle is definitely an investment, it offers peace of mind during uncertain times.

The main thing to remember is that even though the process of purchasing a vehicle may now look different, the fundamentals are the same. As a dealer, it’s important to be accessible to customers so you can quickly and efficiently answer any questions they may have – without placing pressure on them to buy.

Increase Sales Success at Your Dealership

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