The auto dealership industry is challenging. It’s a very competitive marketplace, and it’s also a very important part of the economy. Conveying the benefits of an electric vehicle service contract to consumers can provide them with peace of mind that they can’t get anywhere else. But most car buyers don’t realize how much of a difference an electric vehicle (EV) service contract can make in the life of those car buyers and their vehicles.

If you’re a dealership in an EV-friendly city, you have a unique opportunity to win more business and capture more revenue.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Protection for Consumers

It’s easy to feel like you’re in the right when you’ve made a wise choice by buying an electric vehicle. But other benefits go beyond the practical ones like reduced fuel costs. By protecting your electric vehicle, you’re protecting your investment, your resale value and your peace of mind.

Here are a few ways that an electric vehicle service contract can benefit your buyers:

  • Peace of Mind: Electric vehicle service contracts protect your buyers from unexpected and devastating costs when something goes wrong with their electric vehicle.
  • Increased Savings: In addition to protecting buyers from the unexpected, an electric vehicle service contract can also save buyers money by reducing the time and effort required to maintain their electric vehicle.
  • Increased Resale Value: By selling an electric vehicle service contract, you’re helping buyers understand that electric vehicles are more than just a practical choice. They’re also an investment that’ll last for years. With the proper maintenance and protection, the vehicle they purchase will maintain a much higher resale value.
  • Added Benefits: Depending on the electric vehicle service contract you’re offering, you can give your customers dozens of added benefits that will leave them feeling safe and protected, such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, free towing and more.

How Does Electric Vehicle Protection Work?

An electric vehicle service contract works much like a traditional auto service contract. It’s a contract that provides you with a set of coverages and benefits that you’ll offer to your buyers.

The difference is that these coverages and benefits are specific to electric vehicles. As an electric vehicle dealer, you’ll be able to offer the following benefits to your buyers as a one-time add-on service instead of having to pay for individual services as they are needed:

  • Battery Service Coverage
  • Free Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Reimbursement, etc.

After consumers have purchased their electric vehicle protection, they simply have to call the dealership or their service number to inquire about services as they need them.

Adding Peace of Mind with an Electric Vehicle Service Contract from The ACE Group

By offering electric vehicle protection to your customers, you’re giving them greater peace of mind. That’s something that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Whether it’s a brand new electric vehicle or an older model, electric vehicle service contracts can offer various benefits to buyers.

The ACE Group is an industry leader in automotive consulting products and services designed to help your dealership boost profitability and increase consumer satisfaction. We’re here to help you sell electric vehicle service contracts and make them more valuable to your buyers.

If you’re interested in learning more about electric vehicle service contracts, contact us today.