The internet is changing the way people communicate and perform their daily tasks.

With everything connected through the internet, why can’t cars do the same? The answer is they are – through connected car technology.

We expect connected cars to be the new norm in the automobile industry. So, what are the benefits of connected cars from your dealership?

Features and Benefits of Connected Cars for Customers and Dealerships

The connected car connects to the internet via Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This allows the vehicle to share the internet with devices outside and inside, while sharing data with external services. The car can also access the internet to perform functions or download data at the user’s request. What, exactly, does this mean for you?

Features of Connected Cars

The connected automobile comes with a host of convenient and smart features that help improve the ownership experience and provide an extra safety net. Smart features in the connected vehicle include:

  • Internet connectivity– An embedded chipset or SIM card allows a continuous internet connection and onboard Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • App to vehicle connectivity– Dedicated smartphone applications allow a user to operate car functions such as locking and unlocking doors, engine start and stop, and horn honking. The app also lets you locate the vehicle using the onboard GPS.
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication– Technology lets vehicles share critical information such as road conditions, traffic movement, and speed limits.
  • Security– Connected cars have advanced security features such as emergency SOS calls after an accident, location sharing and tracking, and roadside assistance in case of breakdown.
  • Entertainment– Pre-loaded entertainment apps and services mean you can watch videos when the car is parked and listen to internet radio or music.

Benefits for Your Customers

Connected cars are helping resolve some driving issues, such as expensive maintenance, dangerous driving conditions, and fuel efficiency. The benefits they bring to your customers include:

  • Improved efficiency– Connected car software can generate the most effective routes to avoid busy streets and traffic jams. The software also helps analyze the vehicle’s condition and schedule maintenance.
  • Increased accessibility– A self-driving connected car provides disabled people with more transportation modes. This allows them to drive on their own easily.
  • Cost-effective– Connected vehicles and IoT infrastructure on roads are not cheap, but connectivity still offers cost-effectiveness when you factor in greater fuel efficiency and amount of time saved from reduced traffic jams.
  • Convenient payment models– Mobile payments such as Android Pay and Apple Pay are a big hit with customers who want secure and safe transactions via their digital wallets. The embedded digital wallet in a car makes paying at toll gates and parking lots or meters seamless.

Benefits for Dealerships

If dealerships don’t embrace technology in the next ten years, they will not be in business. Selling connected cars at your dealership can transform your business while improving the customer journey. These cars bring several benefits, including:

  • Knowing where each car is on the lot, and when a vehicle is not there
  • Your sales team has up-to-the-minute information on your sales-ready inventory
  • Data can help you see what vehicles are going for more test drives, enabling you to design promotions that result in more test drives
  • Increase your customers’ lifetime value through proactive services using data derived from the vehicle

Achieve Efficient Dealer Operations with Connected Cars

Forward-thinking car dealerships are turning to data in connected cars to become more efficient, maximize per-car profitability, and build lasting relationships with their customers.

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