Social media is the ticket to offering customers a more dynamic experience, which helps increase loyalty. For some dealerships, social media offers them an avenue to make customers feel valued and understood through difficult global situations. Is it time for your dealership to update their social media?

For many businesses, social media is a lifeline to their customers. It has enabled dealerships to keep the dialog going in real-time and reimagine how they engage with their current and prospective clients.

You, too, can reap these and more benefits when you update your social media.

How to Update Your Social Media

Social media is a critical part of today’s car buyer’s journey. One buyer went through 900 digital touchpoints over three months before purchasing her vehicle!

Consider these numbers:

  • Over 78 percent of car buyers check social media before purchasing their next automobiles
  • In 2020, the total number of active users active on Facebook in the U.S. and Canada was 258 million
  • Instagram currently has over 1 billion active monthly users
  • Over 90 percent of Americans are aware of Twitter, even those that don’t use it

The automobile business is competitive, and the savvy dealer uses social to foster long-term relationships with clients through social media. When combined with a strong web presence and email campaigns, social media can boost sales and bring repeat customers. So how do you update your social media to enhance auto sales?

Promote Your Content

Dealerships send out email discount offers on services, parts, and specials on used and new cars. Give email content to a broader audience by sharing it on social media platforms. Followers will comment, like, share or retweet your post, making it visible to their friends. Highly shareable content contains valuable information for your readers.

Advertise Your Business

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook provide advertising opportunities. Your ad appears like a regular post, but you pay to promote it to a specific audience and not just your followers. Built-in tools help you target potential customers based on specifics such as location, interest, and conversation. This helps build your brand awareness, increase site traffic, and improve your social media presence.

Generate Sales Leads

Use social media to generate qualified leads for your vehicle inventory. Offer deals and coupons such as “buy a car, get your first service free” that followers can claim and share with their connections. As customers redeem the coupon, collect valuable data such as their emails. Sweepstakes are great for bringing more eyes to your page or website. Sweepstakes for free detailing, for instance, may require users to like your page and provide their email addresses.

Build Loyalty and Trust

Loyalty is big in the auto dealership world, and social media is ideal for building trust. People don’t use social media to purchase a car, but your presence will go a long way in earning their trust. Use social media to listen to your clients and know what value-added services they want and deliver. The more often users see you deliver on your promises, the more loyal they will be.

It is Time to Update Your Social Media

Social media provides dealerships something no traditional advertising can. You interact and engage with customers and potential customers.

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