Some car buyers walk into a dealership with their guard already up.  They put “sales people” in a category of people who are not to be trusted, therefore you’re immediately met with suspicion and rudeness.  However, with a little patience, product knowledge and perseverance you’ll be able to overcome the negative stereotype with even the toughest buyers.

Here are some simple ways to break down those barriers:

1. Acknowledge objections in a positive manner

Your first reaction to an objection is a crucial moment since body language speaks volumes. Objections can be frustrating, but don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

First, mentally prepare yourself. Objections are common, so treat them like a step in the sales process.  Secondly, repeat back to the customer their objection, but add a positive spin. Always keep a smile and react with good composure.

2. Take it to their level 

Empathy is a big part of salesmanship. Acknowledge that you understand where the customer is coming from. If you bring yourself to their level, you can gain their trust.

To connect on a deeper level tell them a story. You want to illustrate that many customers have the same concerns and his objection is normal and warranted.

3. Get the car buyers to agree with you 

Build confidence with your prospect by asking questions that will lead to “yes” answers. They don’t need to be difficult. Just a few simple questions to break their objections into smaller parts. You want to bring them back into “yes mode.” A few agreeable statements will turn the conversation in a positive direction.

4. Provide a solution  

Once you have the customer back on track provide the solution they are looking for with a strong trial question.

  • Ask the question in such a way that it’s difficult to say, “No.” Make an irresistible offer.
  • Always refer back to the main issue and provide a direct solution.
  • Focus on continuing the sales process, not “asking for the sale.”

5. The bonus step: call for back up 

Sometimes customers will not consider a purchase until they’ve taken the time to think about it. When it comes down to the wire, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Your sales managers are there to assist you. It’s possible that your manager can offer a new deal.

6. If all else fails, plant the seed and walk away

Some customers are simply unresponsive to salespeople.  Buying a car is a big purchase and many need space when making a decision.

If you find the customer becoming aggravated or uncomfortable, the best strategy is to bow out with grace. Give the customer your card and let them know where to find you if they need help.  They will appreciate your intuitive understanding that they want to be left alone for now and come back to you later.

Car sales objections are part of the job—prepare yourself to overcome them.  Sign up for training with The ACE Group today to learn the best tools of the trade.