F&I solutions for auto dealerships are necessary to stay ahead of the race while achieving growth and remaining relevant. You require talented managers to spearhead your business in the right direction.

Talented Finance and Insurance (F&I), Sales, and General Managers bring with them a wealth of resources, including skills and experience vital for your dealership’s success.

F&I on-call solutions for auto dealerships can help fill talent gaps to meet your evolving requirements.

4 Benefits of Using F&I On-Call Solutions for Auto Dealerships

If your dealership grapples with access to the talent pool, you can leverage staffing solutions to find and hire talent at the management level. For example, a seasoned F&I manager understands the best practices to selling more products, which provides more value to your dealership.

Plus, hiring the right talent and placing them in the right roles is directly tied to your results and revenue. Below are more benefits of bringing in expert help.

Find Talent Fast

Locating and hiring the right person is the greatest struggle for a dealership’s hiring manager. Amid the growing demand for professionalism in the auto sales industry, finding local talent is more difficult than before. Soaring talent shortage means dealerships have to embrace flexible talent acquisition strategies to get the job done. On-call staffing services save you considerable time while bringing diversity to your team. Compared to other methods of getting talent, staffing solutions eliminate search time.

Evolve Your Recruitment and Retention Requirements

Millennials make up much of the talent market in the auto industry. Close to 60 percent of the staff at dealerships are millennials, and turnover is over 50 percent. The stats should not be surprising because employers do not connect to millennials’ requirements, and the conventional culture and experience dealerships provide doesn’t help either. Talent acquisition professionals can help you become the employer who attracts and keeps millennial talent. This offers customer benefits because the modern shopper steps into your dealership with a lot of information from online research, and you should expect your shopper to be as knowledgeable as you.

Ensure Productivity and Stability During Change

A temporary manager provides stability during a change or transition period within your dealership. The departure of a senior manager is disastrous and may create a ripple effect, which affects the overall morale of other employees and dampens their productivity. An interim manager in the dealership brings stability. This helps improve employee productivity. The managers are leaders with the experience and resources to calm down your employees.

Excellent Project Management Skills

A provisional general manager not only fills the position but also manages existing projects. Dealerships engage in projects to increase their profitability. A temporary manager brings in the required set of skills and experience to implement such projects. Temporary managers can oversee projects like implementing sales strategies.

The ACE Group Helps With On-Demand Staffing Solutions

Whenever you need to instigate new strategies, need to restructure, or fill a gap recently vacated, consider The ACE Group F&I on-call solutions. The success of your auto dealership depends on your ability to secure an interim leader with the perfect understanding of what you do.

The ACE Group can help you secure a temporary F&I Manager, Sales Manager, or General Manager. Contact us today for the right talent with a proven track record of excellence.

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