Six solutions for dealing with difficult car buyers can be helpful whether you are new to the business or a seasoned veteran. Whether you call yourself a customer experience specialist or salesperson, dealing with customer objections is part of selling cars.

But car salespeople are less in the sales role today and more into matching the shopper with a vehicle that meets their requirements. Throughout this match-making, anticipate difficult car buyers.

While every sales rep should undertake automotive sales training, the best salespeople have a set of ‘must-have’ traits. These traits include the ability to deal with common sales objections.

Sales Tips for Dealing with Objections

Difficult car buyers don’t use the same language to object. So, it would help if you listened actively to determine their actual sticking point.

Here are some common objections to help you prepare the best response in any scenario.

“I just want to look.”

This would historically translate to a customer just looking and not ready to talk to anyone. However, car shoppers today visit a dealership 1.6 times before deciding. The customer at your lot already has a short-listing of one of your models. “Just looking” provides an opportunity to introduce yourself, discover models they are interested in, and offer a walk around.

“I’m not buying today.”

Some car shoppers mistakenly think that their first visit to a dealership might lead to a forced purchase. A customer expressing they are not prepared to make a purchase means they prefer an informative, slow sales process focused on their needs and not the car. The right environment will encourage this customer to make the purchase.

“The car is beyond my budget.”

The car shopping experience involves browsing models beyond the customer’s pricing comfort zone. This objection confirms the vehicle’s value. Part of dealing with demanding customers is acknowledging such misgivings. Review how the model meets their requirements to reinforce value or suggest vehicles that are within their budget.

“I can get it cheaper from your competitor.”

The relationship with your customer is as important as what you are selling. Price objections and a mention of competition show you are not creating a connection. Consider showing the value of the purchase beyond the car. Sell your dealership. Show the shopper your unique service process and mention the after-sales services you offer. Create an emphasis on factors that differentiate your dealership. This helps create a deeper relationship beyond the car payment dollar figure.

“I need to weigh my options.”

Expect this objection after talking about payment or price. However, something else is usually going on. Ask questions to find out the real reason without pressuring the client to make a purchase or commitment. Some might shut down instead of walking you through their concerns. But if they are still engaging in conversation, you can make a deal!

“Is that the best deal you can offer?”

Manufacturers drop prices. It sometimes feels like this occurs right after the client purchases a car. While they are looking for a great deal, focus on the now. Fortunately, the customer wants the car, but they need reassurance that today is the best time to purchase.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to get better at handling difficult car buyers is to practice. Role-play with colleagues for confidence required to think on your feet and turn more objections into sales. The better you become, the higher the customer satisfaction levels, and the more revenue!

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