Cars are more convenient and sophisticated than they have ever been, and car buyers are back out and ready to buy. With the right inventory, an effective automotive sales training module and by avoiding high-pressure sales tactics, you can increase your profits.

Read on to discover how killing high-pressure sales tactics lets you sell more cars and close faster!

How to Avoid High-Pressure Sales

The biggest turnoff for customers is an overly aggressive salesperson. You need to adapt a low-pressure selling strategy that leads customers to the purchasing decision and lets them reach that decision themselves.

So, how do you make a sale without annoying a prospect?

Know What Your Customer Wants

However good your inventory or service is you can’t persuade a customer that they need to purchase what you are offering unless you understand what they really want. Understanding and knowing the customers’ needs is central to the success of every dealership or auto salesperson.

You can learn a great deal about the customer by talking to them. Asking each customer why they are buying, what they would like to buy in the future and what other needs they have offers valuable insights into what’s important to them. An emphasis on the value the vehicle brings your customer drives the best sales.

Create the Right Listening-Talking Ratio

Listen to what a prospective customer has to say. This allows you to tailor your response exactly to the problem they are trying to solve instead of just offering a one-size-fits-all package approach. Deep discovery is critical to closing sales without high pressure. It helps you understand the customer’s pain points and reduces the risk of not moving forward.

Understand the balance between your timeline and the customer’s priorities. Many salespeople adopt high-pressure tactics because they are consumed with meeting their quotas. Remember, you are selling to customers who might have other life and work priorities. When they tell you they’re not ready to make a decision, do not push back too hard.

Use Data to Show Value

It does not take much to convince a customer to buy a more expensive car than the one they were looking for. Some psych themselves not to spend a cent over their budget. These are the customers who will spend more once you convince them that spending more offers a better deal.

Make an honest argument for why the more expensive model is a better fit. Perhaps it is the savings on gas. It could be a better entertainment system that provides a great resale or trade-in value when the customer sells after a few years. Use what you gather from your conversation to determine what upgrade features will be most appealing.

Low Pressure Sells More Cars

These tips will help you to avoid high-pressure selling. Plus, they will let you stand apart and show customers how pleasant you are to work with. Most people don’t purchase a vehicle on their first trip. Adopting low-pressure selling can change that!

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