Retaining your automotive sales team can sometimes be a struggle.

Due to incentives to switch dealerships, it can push some of the best team members out the door. Losing your top earners not only hurts your bottom line as a business, but it also means you have to begin the hiring process all over. That’s both time-consuming and frustrating.

Luckily, you don’t have to put yourself in that situation again.

4 Tips for Retaining Your Automotive Sales Team

By implementing these four tips, you’ll be able to attract the right salespeople, while also keeping the strongest existing members happy and motivated.

1. Consider Your Pay Structure

In many sales jobs, an employee’s income is largely based on the commissions they earn. It’s no different when it comes to the automotive industry. However, many people are more interested in having a stable wage and knowing exactly how much they’ll deposit into their bank account on payday.

Commission-based pay is rather uncertain because it means an employee’s paycheck will never be the same. Not only that, but some weeks can experience a sales slump, meaning your team isn’t making as much as usual.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to completely reconfigure your pay structure. Instead, you can increase their base pay and offer incentives for those who go above and beyond.

2. Rethink the Work Week

Gone are the days of people wanting to work the traditional 9-5 office hours. Many employees crave having flexibility at their jobs so they can create more of a work-life balance. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should give employees complete freedom to show up and leave whenever they want.

What you should do is become more flexible with scheduling. Ask your employees if they have a preference for which days they work based on personal commitments, and schedule them accordingly. This will play a huge role in retaining your automotive sales team, because it keeps them motivated and shows you care about their overall happiness on the job.

3. Celebrate Even the Small Victories

In life, we’re used to celebrating the big victories we experience. However, who is to say we can’t celebrate the small wins, too? To ensure your team is excited about the work they’re doing, you want to create a supportive environment they can thrive in. The best way to do that is by celebrating their wins.

Make it a point to celebrate the successes of your sales team on a daily basis through words of encouragement. It’s a simple way to remind them they’re doing a great job and that you appreciate the hard work they’re putting in. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything!

4. Create Opportunities for Career Development

People often become unmotivated in their jobs when they don’t see any possibilities for growth within the company. In fact, 87% of millennials see this as a top priority when accepting a job. That’s why career development is an important aspect in retaining your automotive sales team. Consider offering sales training or coaching as a way to help them improve their skills. When employees are committed to their success, they’re more likely to enjoy their job.

Ready to Build Your Best Automotive Sales Team?

Retaining your automotive sales team begins with finding top-tier salespeople who are ready to commit to your dealership’s success. You want someone who has experience, but is also willing to learn and grow alongside your other team members. The ACE Group can help with that.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you build the best sales team.