In 2020, there were approximately 6.8 million battery electric vehicles in use around the globe.

And considering more car manufacturers have committed to going fully electric within the next few years, that number is only going to skyrocket.

While many consumers want to switch to an electric vehicle, there’s often hesitation due to concerns over repair costs when something breaks or malfunctions. That’s why more dealerships are wanting to offer an electric vehicle service contract they can sell to their consumers at the time of purchase. A service contract provides peace of mind for consumers while boosting revenue for the dealer.

APEX EV is the industry’s first vehicle service contract exclusively for electric vehicles. As a dealer, you need to know a few things about why it’s smart to offer service contracts to consumers and what this contract covers.

Benefits of Offering an Electric Vehicle Service Contract

Knowing how expensive automotive repairs can be, many consumers want additional protection from costly repairs. By offering a service contract at the time of purchase, consumers will feel more confident in their electric vehicle investment knowing they’ll be taken care of.

As a dealer, offering an electric vehicle service contract is another way to boost revenue since consumers will be more inclined to buy from your business.

What’s Included in the APEX EV Service Contract

With an electric vehicle service contract, consumers are able to minimize the likelihood of costly out-of-pocket repairs. They’ll have a cost-effective way to protect their vehicle should any parts covered by this contract break down.

As a dealer, it would be wise to offer this contract to the consumer.

Here are the repairs covered by the APEX EV service contract:

  • Mechanical and Electrical: This exclusionary plan is so extensive, it protects nearly ALL mechanical and electrical components, except those explicitly listed as “not covered” in the agreement.
  • EV battery/battery pack: Even under normal usage and charging standards, batteries can still experience degradation, making them unable to hold a proper charge. The battery/battery pack is eligible for replacement on vehicles five years old or less and with under 100,000 miles at the time of contract purchase.
  • Roadside Assistance: 24-hour roadside assistance for flat tire change, emergency battery charging service and lockout key recovery.
  • Free Towing – Towing to the selling dealer (up to 50 miles) or the nearest qualifying repair facility.
  • Much more!

This electric vehicle service contract also provides coverage for vehicles that are used for ride-sharing or being used commercially.

Increase Sales with a Service Contract for Electric Vehicles

If your dealership wants to offer an electric vehicle service contract to consumers, our team here at The ACE Group can help. Our goal is to help dealers increase profits, customer satisfaction and retention.

Part of boosting sales and keeping customers happy is offering them service contracts that will provide protection against costly repairs. If you’re selling electric vehicles, you’ll want to learn more about APEX EV so you can present this as an option whenever someone purchases a new vehicle.

Interested? Contact us today to get started.