Attracting the right salespeople is one of the main factors that determine the success of most businesses. But the success of car dealerships is almost entirely dependent on excellent salesmanship.

The car dealership industry is one of the few where the right sales team with the right auto dealership training is as important as the product. What your team is selling are smiles, reassurance and handshakes. It’s no secret that confidence is the best way to sell.

So, how do you attract talented, vibrant and educated salespeople to your sales team?

What it Takes to Attract the Right Salespeople

The automotive industry hires over a million people to sell vehicles. But not all are good at what they do. Attracting the best car salesperson for your business requires a solid interview process. An education program can help bring new employees on board.

If you are ready to implement changes that attract top talent, read on!

Conduct a Sales Team Survey

Sales professionals face many obstacles that prevent them from operating at peak efficiency. Survey your current sales team and find out what areas in your dealership require improvement. The data will inform you on how to structure and coach the team to achieve optimal productivity levels.

Pay attention to the data and make notes. Look at the similarities in the answers your top performers offer and make positive changes based on them. Doing this helps make your dealership an attractive place for top talent while drastically reducing costly employee turnover.

Talk About Your Company Success

Your dealership brand is able to attract top talent if it is associated with professionalism and success. Branding must be intact if you want salespeople to trust in the quality of the brand they are working for. You want to find people who share your beliefs.

It is helpful to share stories of success and growth within your dealership, which shows you believe in your branding and successfully moving toward a goal. Some things you can mention that may bring along a candidate that wants to join your business include:

  • Core values
  • Personal growth and success stories
  • Stories of employee success and dealership life
  • Past and current employee testimonials
  • Employee recognition and reward programs

Invest in Sales Training and Coaching

Not offering training and coaching opportunities to your top performers increases their chances of leaving your dealership. High-achieving salespeople are ambitious and want to learn better ways of selling more effectively.

Opportunities for professional development help retain your top talent. Plus, your salespeople feel like they matter to you and will brag about how much they love their work. This attracts talented candidates to your dealership.

Offer the Best to Get the Best

Talented salespeople in the automotive industry are highly sought after. Direct competition with other dealerships for a limited pool of top-tier salespeople requires an emphasis on branding, feedback and growth opportunities.

Learn how to transform your sales team into the dream team with the help of The ACE Group. Contact us today to see how our auto dealership training can help you attract the right salespeople.