Invest in your millennial workforce. Millennials have grown to 35% of the workforce and have overtaken baby boomers to become America’s largest generation. Unfortunately, it is difficult for companies to keep these tech-savvy workers.

An industry with high millennial turnover is the auto industry. A team of high-functioning, ambitious, and well-trained individuals is the only way you can offer the best possible dealership services. Most of these individuals are within the millennial generation.

How to Invest in the Millennial Dealership Workforce

The last thing you want is to lose the best talent in your business. Here are five strategies car dealers can implement to hang on to these young employees and save their bottom line:

Understand Millennial Workers Want More than a Paycheck

Money is an effective motivator but it seems money will not always motivate your millennial employees to stay with you. They are always looking out for opportunities, which explains their high turnover in the auto sales industry.

Offer your employees growth opportunities so they are not always looking over the fence. Top priorities for 87% of millennials are career or professional growth and opportunities to develop.

Mentor Millennials

Mentorship is an excellent management form. This is especially true for dealerships that offer multiple services that require training. Veteran employees have skills they have developed over the years. They can pass them on to their mentees.

Create a program that rewards employees great at mentoring your millennial staff, which adds one more reason for them to stay. You can also give the top mentoring employees managerial duties to oversee training.

Pay Attention

Millennials are no longer “young kids.” It is time you focus on engaging more with them. This generation is notorious for not connecting to their jobs from a behavioral and emotional standpoint.

Make your millennial staff members feel recognized, included and part of your work family. This includes introducing collaboration platforms where they can ask for advice or share ideas. Other ideas include making the millennial staff responsible for your social media accounts or even organizing an outing for your business.

Millennials feel encouraged to take part or volunteer in workplace causes. For example, Toyota engages its employees through causes such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Use That Tech

The millennial generation grew up during the birth of the internet and they are not afraid of using it. If anything is digital, they will master it!

As the automotive sales industry fully embraces digital engagement, it is now more important than ever to have people on your team who know how to use these digital tools. Millennials are the people who will engage with their generation, older generations picking it up and those coming after them. Plus, a millennial who understands tech is invaluable when upselling the latest in-car technology features.

Millennials Can Speed Up Your Growth

Attract millennials and show them you can provide a place they will love to work with continuing automotive training opportunities. This helps improve the dealership service you offer customers and improve your bottom line.

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