With the demand for electric vehicles at an all-time high and more EV models launching annually, the best thing you can do to protect your customer’s purchase is to encourage them to invest in premium protection for their EV purchase through our Electronic Vehicle Protection Plan.

Why Should EV Customers Consider Electronic Vehicle Protection?

Electric vehicles are currently all the rage. If the trend continues, experts claim the sales volume for gas-powered vehicles may start to seriously decline as soon as 2024.

EVs are the car of the future. They’re environmentally friendly, have reduced fuel costs and come with some pretty attractive government rebates. But even with these benefits, your customers should consider premium protection for their electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Repairs and Replacements Can be Costly

Although EVs have fewer moving parts than a gas-powered car, one part is usually responsible for a range of different functions. For instance, in most electric vehicles, the motor controller monitors and regulates the battery, the vehicle operator and even the accelerator pedal. It also limits and redirects the current.

That means that if it were to break down, the overall repair and replacement costs would be higher, since it’s more complex. On average, EV owners pay the following in repairs and replacements:

  • Media control unit: $2,700
  • On-board charger: $2,400
  • HVAC: $2,200
  • Axle assembly: $2,000
  • Air suspension: $1,700
  • Door handles: $900

What’s more, the aftermarket and used parts industry for EVs is still in its baby stages. As a result, EV owners have to replace damaged parts with original manufacturer equipment, which is typically more expensive.  A premium protection plan for electric vehicle coverage is the best way for your customers to avoid the high out-of-pocket costs for such repairs and replacements.

Perks of the EV Protection Plan

With an EV Protection Plan, your electric car customers enjoy the following excellent perks:

Round-the-Clock Roadside Assistance

Even electric cars break down when least expected. With an EV Protection Plan, your customers no longer have to worry about such uncertainties. The plan features 24-hour roadside assistance. Whether they need a quick flat tire change or help with lockout key recovery, all it takes is a single call, and our responsive team will sort out the rest.

Trip Interruption Costs Covered

When an EV breaks down due to a component covered in the EV Protection Plan and your customer is more than 100 miles away from home, they’ll be compensated for the unplanned trip interruption costs they incur. For instance, they may be reimbursed for meal and/or lodging expenses of up to five days at $200 per day.

Rental Car Costs Reimbursed

If your customer has to hire a rental vehicle during repairs, our premium protection for electric vehicles will reimburse the related expenses with no deductible for up to five days, at $50 daily.

Increased EV Resale Value

When your customer decides to sell their electric car, any remaining EV Protection Plan will be transferred to the buyer. As a result, your customer gets an upper hand during price negotiations.

Other Perks of EV Protection

  • 24/7 personal assistant access
  • Comes with an EDS connect app for seamless personal assistant service access
  • Free towing
  • Accepted nationwide

Protect Your Customers with a Reliable EV Protection Plan

The ACE Group wants what’s best for you and your customers. To that end, we give your dealership enhanced access to premium protection for electric vehicle tools like our EV Protection Plan.

To get started, get in touch with The ACE Group today to learn more.