Every car dealership and salesperson wants to sell more cars, but they don’t all use generational marketing to boost their numbers. Generational marketing is when you target people born in certain date ranges. You’ve probably heard the terms “millennial” and “baby boomer” thrown around.

Well, you can capitalize on this marketing segment with the right approach. If you want to sell more cars to baby boomers – and you do – you just need to craft a solid marketing strategy.

Why You Want to Sell More Cars to Baby Boomers

Age can be a key indicator in assessing someone’s wealth. As you get older, you generally gain more experience, thus more income.

Baby boomers – people born between 1946 and 1964 – play a critical role in our economy. They offer strategic value to businesses:

  • Baby boomers hold 80% of the personal net worth in the United States.
  • Baby boomers make up almost 40% of the American population.
  • Baby boomers are online 27 hours a week, longer than some millennials.

This generation plays a vital role in businesses, and car dealerships are no exception.

4 Clever Ways to Sell More Cars to Baby Boomers

Fortunately, you can capitalize on the disposable income of baby boomers by creating a marketing strategy that focuses on them.

1. Target Baby Boomers Based on Other Demographics

Segmentation is a cornerstone of digital marketing, especially in email and social media marketing. You can refine your target market by reviewing the demographics of your current customers.

Common demographics you can use for segmentation include location, gender, and income. Using a combination of factors can generate more qualified leads.

2. Create Engaging Presentations That Highlight Key Features

Baby boomers spend a lot of time-consuming content – around 60% of them read blogs and articles, while 70% of them spend time watching videos. They’re almost 20% more likely to share content, too.

Write a compelling blog series about your dealership’s services or put together a marketing video that highlights key features of your best-selling vehicles.

3. Uncover Their Needs by Connecting at a Personal Level

A personal touch can help close any deal, but it’s especially important to baby boomers. They come from a generation when everything was done in person.

Find ways to connect with your customers. Ask them about their needs in a vehicle and expound on the aspects of a car they find important.

4. Capitalize on Expendable Income by Upselling

Baby boomers control a significant amount of disposable income in the U.S. – 70% of it, in fact. That means they should be the prime focus of your marketing team.

You have an opportunity to upsell baby boomers. Let them know about models with upgrades and don’t forget to offer them GAP and VSC options.

Targeting Baby Boomers to Sell More Cars

With a little tweaking to your marketing strategy, you can effectively target baby boomers. This can improve the quality of your leads and result in more sales.

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