Service contracts are nothing new in the world of automobiles.

They provide consumers with peace of mind should they face expensive repair bills when something malfunctions in their vehicle. However, most service contracts today weren’t created with electric vehicles in mind, excluding coverage for repairs they may require.

With the increased popularity of electric vehicles, APEX has launched an electric vehicle protection plan that offers coverage for general wear and tear, battery degradation, and more. It’s the industry’s first plan of its kind and will be a game changer for those making the switch to electric.

Any dealerships selling electric vehicles should consider offering consumers this plan through The ACE Group.

What Makes This Protection Plan Special?

An electric vehicle protection plan is much like traditional options but geared toward electric vehicles. Cars that are fully electric will encounter unique problems others won’t.

For example, an electric vehicle has a battery/battery pack that can be costly to replace out of pocket. In fact, replacing the battery could cost thousands of dollars, as opposed to a gas vehicle whose battery ranges from $100-$200. A protection plan for electric vehicles would offer coverage for this problem, while others most likely wouldn’t.

By investing in a plan of this nature, consumers can enjoy years of worry-free driving knowing they’re protected in the event of unexpected repairs. And ultimately, it’s going to keep more money in their pockets because the deductible will always be cheaper than repairs.

Coverage and Benefits Offered by a Protection Plan

With this electric vehicle protection plan, customers don’t have to stress about paying for repairs due to regular wear and tear. They also won’t have to foot the bill for replacing seals and gaskets or the expensive battery or battery pack. When covered repairs are needed.

Here are some other benefits of APEX’s electric vehicle protection plan:

  • Roadside assistance: Consumers will have 24-hour roadside assistance, in which they can receive emergency charging for their battery, flat tire change, and lockout key recovery.
  • Free towing: Should the car ever break down, the owner can have their vehicle towed to the closest qualifying repair facility or to the dealership the consumer bought the vehicle from if they’re within 50 miles.
  • Rental reimbursement: If a consumer’s vehicle is ever in the shop, this protection plan allows them to be reimbursed for a rental vehicle with no deductible.
  • Increased retail value: Should the owner ever sell the vehicle, they can transfer the remaining coverage from this electric vehicle protection plan to the new owner. Not only will this increase retail value, but it can also help seal the deal for many buyers.

As a dealer, you can even incorporate other added benefits to make the offer more enticing to consumers. It’s a great way to increase your overall revenue.

Give Customers Peace of Mind with an Electric Vehicle Protection Plan

If your dealership sells electric vehicles, give consumers the chance to avoid costly repairs by offering a protection plan. They’ll be able to confidently purchase a new vehicle knowing they’ll be taken care of should any mechanical or electrical components fail.

Here at The ACE Group, we’re committed to helping you boost sales and keep customers happy through auto service contracts and protection plans.

To learn more about offering an electric vehicle protection plan, contact us today.