One of the most important steps toward running a successful dealership is following all the rules and regulations required to remain in compliance. Otherwise, any success you do achieve will be extremely short-lived.

However, meeting compliance requirements is about more than just checking all the right boxes. It’s just as much about helping your dealership prosper in the long term. This is why so many successful dealerships depend on automotive compliance consultants.

Automotive Compliance Consultants Help Build Profitable Reputations

Automotive compliance must be a priority for every dealership. The FTC has specific rules for dealerships and is well-known for keeping a close eye on the automobile industry.

Another reason to consider working with automotive compliance consultants is that doing so can help you better improve your dealership’s reputation, a powerful marketing asset.

For example, most states have a number of laws in place regarding how you can contact potential customers. Those are important to follow for legal reasons, but only calling customers when the law deems it acceptable is also a good way to protect your reputation.

These consultants can also help you spot identity theft before a thief is able to drive off your lot with a new car by using someone else’s money. That’s helpful so you don’t have to pay restitution in the case that a victim sues. At the same time, you’ll avoid becoming known as the type of dealership that doesn’t take their customers’ security seriously – another win-win situation.

Finally, working with these kinds of experts will also make it clear to your entire staff that your business takes compliance seriously. Why else would you bring in experienced consultants to audit your current practices and look for other ways to improve?

This is an incredibly effective way to keep the right sales staff and F&I people at your dealership and make it clear that anyone who hopes to “bend the rules” won’t last very long among your staff. The auto compliance industry was born out of the need to help protect customers and that spirit is still very much alive. Treat compliance with as much importance as you do every other aspect of your business and your team will understand it’s a value they’re expected to uphold.

Make that kind of impression with your customers and word will soon spread.

Our Automotive Compliance Consultants Are Ready to Help

Every dealership should be working with automotive compliance consultants to ensure their regular business practices are complying with the law.

Better still, by doing so, dealerships will also discover new ways of improving their operation even further, setting the foundation for greater long-term profits.

If you’d like to work with consultants who can help you enjoy these benefits and meet your own unique goals, please contact us today.

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