Is F&I a major pillar that supports your dealership’s ongoing success?

Or is it little more than something you “know” you have to offer customers?

For far too many auto dealerships, it’s the latter.

To be fair, this is often understandable. F&I has almost never received the same amount of attention as sales do. That’s because the latter is nearly always associated with greater profitability. It only makes sense, then, that the vast majority of dealerships would treat sales as a major priority and F&I as more of an afterthought.

However, both can play major roles in ensuring your dealership continues to see record numbers, year after year. Countless auto dealerships already enjoy this kind of arrangement thanks to automotive consulting firms.

How Automotive Consulting Firms Benefit F&I Training

Depending on your needs, there are all kinds of automotive consulting firms out there that can help you meet them. One of the most popular is the kind that focuses on F&I.

Because the role of F&I managers are changing. With competition at an all-time high, thanks to the Internet, dealerships need their F&I teams to step up and become a greater source of customer satisfaction. By doing so, they help grow profits and improve the dealership’s reputation, meaning more business opportunities over time.

The future of F&I belongs to dealerships with teams that know how to put each customer first. Those that persist with taking a cookie-cutter approach or otherwise focusing on the services they want customers to buy aren’t going to be in business much longer.

Consulting firms that understand the F&I industry prioritize the kind of training that teaches F&I staff members to first get to know a customer’s unique needs before recommending any services.

Finally, F&I and ethics need to be intertwined. This goes far beyond simply recognizing the regulations involved and remaining in compliance. Many dealerships have overcharged on F&I services without breaking any laws only to eventually realize that the decision to do so still cost their business dearly.

With the help of a consulting firm, your staff will learn how to best price each and every one of your services and learn the value of treating ethics as your dealership’s guiding principle.

Turn F&I into a Reliable Profit Source with Automotive Consulting Firms

Don’t let your dealership get passed up by competitors that understand how important F&I professionals are for ongoing business and increased sales.

Instead, seek the help of experienced automotive consulting firms that can teach you the latest best practices and critique your current operation for opportunities to improve.

At The ACE Group, we’ve helped dealerships all over the country realize better results just by focusing on their F&I offerings. Contact us today and we’ll do the same for yours.