There is no shortage of ways you can set up your car dealership for success.

However, most would agree that nothing will benefit your business as much as working with automotive compliance consultants. Instead of learning from experience, you can simply learn from theirs.

Still, not all consultants have the same type of experience. For example, most have never worked in F&I before. That’s a major drawback given how important F&I is becoming.

So, for best results, only work with compliance consultants who actually have direct experience working in this field.

Automotive Compliance Consultants Must Have F&I Experience

First and foremost, F&I is an absolutely essential factor to any dealership’s success. This has always been the case, though many dealerships have been able to make up for poor F&I sales by just selling more vehicles.

That’s beginning to change.

The future of F&I will see it take a much more prominent role. It’s not just a source of added revenues. F&I is also becoming a major draw as word spreads which dealerships do it well and which continue to drop the ball.

Dealerships that are able to adapt will enjoy greater sales and profits. Those that ignore this change will soon find themselves out of business.

This is why dealerships should only trust automotive compliance consultants with experience working in F&I. Otherwise, it’s all-too-easy to stay focused on car sales as the main priority and F&I as a mandatory offering but one that’s not nearly as important.

That said, just because a consultant knows F&I is important, that doesn’t mean they know how to give it the attention it deserves. Actual field experience is essential. A successful compliance consultant is one who will understand what used to work in F&I, what works best now, and what will most likely be most effective in the future.

Otherwise, without their guidance, your dealership may recreate the wheel, miss valuable opportunities, and/or make unnecessary mistakes. Worst of all would be if one of those mistakes meant you fell out of compliance, which could mean severe consequences.

Automotive Compliance Consultants

The best automotive compliance consultants are those who both understand that F&I must be a priority and have experience working in this industry. It’s very rare to find one who appreciates the former without having done the latter. Even in those cases, a consultant who hasn’t spent years in F&I can’t possibly understand everything it takes to be successful.

At The ACE Group, all of our consultants have direct experience working in this field. They’ve helped dealerships just like yours from all over the country make the most of this essential department.

Contact us today and let’s talk about all the ways their experience can benefit your organization.

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