Dealership automotive compliance legislation is as strict as it’s ever been.

It seems like more laws are being made every day that can gravely affect car dealerships, and with more laws comes more complication. Navigating the labyrinthian web of regulations can seem impossible, and considering how important it is, it almost feels like a slip-up is inevitable.

However, you’re not alone. We’ve put together some tips to help any dealership increase their compliance levels and decrease their risk.

What Is Automotive Compliance?

Automotive compliance is an umbrella term for any and all laws and regulations in your area that your dealership is subject to. It includes laws in selling, buying, financing, insuring, and even things like customer communication and how to format your emails.

It’s a wide net to cast, but nonetheless, something all dealerships must take seriously. So, how do you navigate these tricky waters?

Key Compliance Measures You Can’t Forget

There are some automotive compliance measures that can’t be missed.

Things like the “cash payment” rule. The IRS has laws requiring you to report excessively large cash payments for automobiles within two weeks of the sale. Breaking these laws come with jail time and massive fines.

Or what about spotting identity theft in action? Making big purchases with someone else’s information is the primary weapon of the identity thief, and dealerships are often fooled by these predators. And, to make matters worse, if a dealership does get fooled, they can end up being partly responsible by law if they didn’t follow the proper procedures.

Contacting potential customers has a number of regulations in most states, including when and how to contact them, what can be included in email marketing, not following the “Do Not Call” list, and using pre-recorded messages.

Make certain your employees have been trained in these automotive compliance rules because the dealership owner is the one who might end up being responsible.

You Don’t Have to Be Alone

Full automotive compliance isn’t easy, but the nice thing is that you don’t have to be alone.

Auto consulting firms like the ACE Group have partnered with compliance services, and not only help you choose the right one, but help customize the experience according to your needs.

When navigating a legal minefield, automotive consultants can be your minesweeper, protecting you from the dangers that can affect your business.

Automotive Compliance Made Easy

Don’t bother with Google searches, contacting lawyers, or learning it all from a manual that could become out of date with changing legislation.

Leave your automotive compliance training and service to auto-consultants like the ACE Group, who knows the ins and outs and can provide consistent protection for your dealership.

Contact the ACE Group today to gain the benefit of their compliance partners.

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