The automotive industry has changed a lot over the past couple of months. We were already seeing a shift to online car shopping. But lately, it seems that everything has gone virtual.


You’ve heard people use the phrase “new normal.” Well, here’s ours.


We offer virtual F&I services, at no added cost to you. And our partnership with StoneEagle F&I helps make it happen. Our simple and flexible F&I presentations are user-friendly, intuitive, and help our dealer customers stay at the forefront of digital retail, no matter where they (or their buyers) are located.


As social distancing rules persist or become a customer preference, “no-touch” automotive sales and deliveries have become more prevalent. Our virtual F&I can help bridge this transition.


And this isn’t just for the short term, as we navigate through this pandemic. This is a long-term solution that boosts profitability and simplifies the entire F&I process for both your staff and your buyers.


Pivoting our businesses to meet today’s challenges isn’t easy. But we hope that our virtual F&I process can alleviate some of the headaches.