The Coronavirus has changed the way dealerships are selling cars (and getting them to the buyers). But it can be done. It has been done. And let’s face it… it has to be done.

So here are some best practices for selling cars in this new market.

  • Sanitize vehicles for test drives and deliveries.

A clean car means a comfortable customer. To prepare a car for delivery or a test drive, sanitize all surfaces, the key, and key fob, following CDC guidelines.

  • Personalize the buying experience.

Even though you might not be able to meet in person, current technology will provide the next best thing to be together. Send a text. Set up a video chat. Connect with your prospective buyers.

  • Provide a virtual “car tour”.

Use a FaceTime or Skype call to show a client features over the phone or computer.

  • Bring the test drive to the customer.

Even when dealerships open back up, some customers may be wary of coming in. Bring the car to them. Of course, sanitize any high-touch areas in the car before—and after—they drive it.

  • Update your website.

Things are confusing right now. Customers aren’t sure what’s essential, what’s not. Who’s open, who has reduced operating hours. Make things clear by updating your website with any important updates about how you’re operating.

  • Communicate how you’re keeping customers safe.

This can be via email or on your website. Even a sign on your door. Make it very clear what you’re doing to address the safety of your customers—including special hours, by-appointment-only sales, cleaning practices, ensuring social distancing, offering hand sanitizer stations throughout your showroom, and more.

  • Be available.

Utilize chat or text to be able to connect with your customers immediately. This builds a stronger client relationship—and lets you beat other dealerships to the sale.

We know that’s a lot of changes to the standard way of doing business. But your clients will be thankful for the new approaches you’re taking to keep them safe… before they even get behind the wheel of their new car.