Our Vehicle Return Plan programs give you the marketing edge over your competition by allowing your smart customers to prepare for what may be around the corner.  The ACE Group understands that in our rapidly changing economic environment, you need as many resources as possible to navigate the months ahead.

You can offer customers a proven safety net that takes the “what ifs” out of the buying equation. In today’s world, this is more important than ever.

 Our industry-leading vehicle return plans relieve customers of their lease or loan obligations when unforeseen life events like these occur:

  • Global Pandemic
  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Physical Disability
  • Loss of Driver’s License Due to Medical Impairment
  • International Employment Transfer
  • Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy
  • Accidental Death

Our Vehicle Return Plans safeguard your customers regardless of age, health, or vehicle type by giving them the freedom to turn in their vehicle with less worry of negative equity. 

The ACE Group provides this valuable product to set you apart from your competition.

Call Kenny Adkins, Managing Partner, today at 816-215-1002 to learn more about this or any other needs you may have.