StoneEagle F&I, a leader in metrics reporting for the automotive industry, is a critical partner for dealerships. With their innovative technology and superior customer service, StoneEagle F&I provides value by driving performance and efficiency.

As a partner for car dealerships, StoneEagle F&I is your solution for optimizing the value chain and boosting your performance metrics.

StoneEagle F&I: A Leader in the Automotive Metrics Industry

StoneEagle F&I is dedicated to its core values. From cultivating partnerships to embracing the family spirit, they constantly strive to lead the industry in customer satisfaction.

StoneEagle F&I has an extensive portfolio that highlights its industry position. The company boasts:

  • A network of over 10,000 dealers
  • More than eight million transactions per year
  • At least 140,000 product rate requests each day

With over 50,000 users, StoneEagle F&I has the tools you need to measure and improve your dealership performance metrics.

3 Top StoneEagle F&I Products for Car Dealerships

StoneEagle F&I offers an extensive selection of products and services that most car dealerships would benefit from. There are, however, three products that your dealership can leverage to improve your team’s efficiency.

1. SEcureAdmin

Every car dealership needs an administration platform. With SEcureAdmin, you get a cloud-based platform exclusively for the F&I industry. You’ll be able to manage every aspect of product administration while reducing your operational costs.

Almost one-third of people who analyze data within organizations say that they struggle to identify the most relevant data. SEcureAdmin makes it easy to get your data when you need it.

2. SEcureMetrics F&I

When you need to accurately measure your dealership’s performance, you need a comprehensive tool. SEcureMetrics F&I is a user-friendly reporting platform for the automotive industry.

It provides DMS integration, plus scheduled reports and a customized reporting dashboard. With SEcureMetrics F&I, you’ll have instant access to your dealership’s metrics.

3. SEcureMetrics Service

Another top tool for car dealerships is StoneEagle F&I’s SEcureMetrics Service. This tool helps you analyze customer and warranty information, as well as rank technicians or advisors within your organization.

With automated email reporting and consistent insight into your month-over-month trends, SEcureMetrics Service helps you track internal KPIs and boost your dealership’s efficiency.

Why You Want to Work with StoneEagle F&I

Besides their top three products for car dealerships, StoneEagle F&I also offers SEcureMenu, SCS, and SEFI Connect. Each of these tools can improve your relationship with customers and optimize the performance of your sales and service teams.

StoneEagle F&I is a leader in the industry for good reason: they offer various comprehensive tools for car dealerships.

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