One of The ACE Group’s most popular offerings is the ability for dealers to group multiple stand-alone ancillary products into bundled plans.  This a la carte approach lets dealers mix and match coverages to find the perfect price point for your business. This gives your dealership unprecedented coverage levels that can’t be matched by any insurance policy or extended service plan on the market individually.

Bundled protection plans at The ACE Group include optional coverages for the following:

  • Alloy & chrome wheel cosmetic repair or replace coverage
  • Tire and wheel road hazard coverage
  • Windshield Repair or replacement
  • Paintless dent service
  • Key replacement protection
  • Interior/exterior coverage
  • 24/7 roadside service
  • Paintless dent repair

These bundled plans save money from purchasing individual coverages while providing a 360-degree protection bubble for your customer’s new purchase.  It strengthens your relationship with your customers while providing them yet another reason to come back to you for the service & repair needs of their vehicle.  There are multiple benefits of these plans, including:

1. Provide More Value to Your Customer

You can provide your customers with a value-based product bundle that incorporates a group of 3-5 products today for what 2 of these products sold as standalone items would typically cost consumers.  Bundled plans save money over individual insurance and extended service plans because they’re bought together. Premium prices on bundled plans can be as low as 10% cheaper for the same coverages you would get individually. It’s essentially a bulk discount for vehicle insurance.

2. Save Time

Bundled plans save time, as all your important coverages are under the same policy. This means you’ll be calling the same place, whether to fix a dent, repair a windshield, or replace a key fob. Centralizing everything into one policy means you only need to file one claim if any damage occurs.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers are more likely to return to your dealership when they know they can trust your business. Bundled protection plans give your dealer’s customers peace of mind knowing you’ll cover any problems that come up after the sale.

 4. Drive Repeat Business with Bundled Plans

A car, van, or truck is a major purchase in peoples’ lives, so there’s a lot of stress involved. When you relieve that stress, you’re more likely to convince a customer to refer friends and family to you, as well as return for their next car purchase. This saves your dealership money in customer acquisition costs.

Bundled Protection Plans Protect Your Dealership

Bundled protection plans go above and beyond standard coverages provided by insurance and extended service contracts. This method gives us the flexibility to provide all the vital coverages you need, without any extras you don’t. Your dealership can protect your inventory and customers much better with bundled plans than with individual ones.

Contact one of our professional consultants today to learn how The ACE Group’s bundled protection plans can steer your dealership into the first place.