The biggest benefit of obtaining an auto service contract is the potential savings on vehicle servicing and unforeseen repairs for vehicles that are no longer covered by manufacturer warranty.

MBPI offers reliable automotive service contract products that address the ever-changing demands in the automobile industry. The ACE Group has partnered with MBPI to provide its broad industry expertise to enhance customers’ bottom-line.

MBPI: A Leader in the Automotive Service Contract Industry

MBPI has built a reputation on solid insurance backing, administrative excellence, and long-lasting relationships. Since its inception in 1981, the company has been marketing, designing, and administering exceptional vehicle service contracts for all types of dealerships.

3 Top MBPI Products for Car Dealerships

MBPI offers an extensive line of products and services tuned to fit a wide range of budgets and driving habits. The following are top service contract products that can meet your dealership’s and clients’ needs.

1. Certified Maintenance

One of the crucial requirements of car ownership is proper and timely maintenance. Essentially, always keep records of maintenance whenever you have a manufacturer’s warranty claim. With MBPI, your car maintenance is guaranteed. Additionally, the products are backed by AM Best “A” rated Underwriters.

Preferred Vehicle Service Contract

The contract helps you reduce the risk associated with car ownership. MBPI prepares you for unexpected maintenance with the following coverage:

Powertrain Care

This coverage covers the following parts and workings in your vehicle: transmission, engine, supercharger or turbo, transfer unit, seals and gaskets, and 4×4 or AWD system. Powertrain care will keep your vehicle running all through its useful life.

Classic Care

This component coverage covers the following parts: engine, transmission, electronic parts, electrical system, brake system, cooling system, transmission, engine, turbo, transfer unit, 4×4 system, rear suspension, fuel delivery system, and drive axle system.

Custom Care

This is some of the best component coverage, covering parts and components under Classic Care and other parts in the vehicle.

Premier Care

This contract for vehicle service has all-inclusive coverage, meaning that it covers thousands of parts and labor. All the covered repairs can be undertaken by a repair facility that you choose or factory-trained specialists.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

A crucial aspect of owning a vehicle is ensuring you have the right coverage to protect yourself from financial hardships that come with the constructive loss of your car. The MBPI GAP ensures that your loan is paid off after a constructive total loss. GAP also covers your primary insurance deductible up to $1,000 in most cases.

Why You Want to Work with MBPI

Besides the above products, all the products are backed up by AM Best “A” rated Underwriters. Additionally, MBPI focuses on reputation management and excellence, which lands them on the spot at the top of industry surveys.

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