Your dealership’s sales professionals must be both skilled and informed. The most effective and efficient way to do this is to provide F&I and auto sales training, such as that offered by The ACE Group. This training will help your team become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

Why Auto Training is Important

Auto training is all about investing in your dealership’s human resources. The better trained your salespeople, the more sales they’ll close – and the more they’ll maximize every sale.

Training is about more than just selling more vehicles, however. Improving the skills of your sales professionals also improves the service you offer your customers. With a sales staff properly trained in finance and insurance (F&I), you can experience more high-margin add-on sales, which can dramatically affect your dealership’s bottom line.

Sales and F&I training isn’t just for new employees, either. Continuous training is beneficial to the entire sales team. Providing ongoing training tells your people that they’re essential to you because you’re investing in their future.

What Will Your Staff Learn from The ACE Group’s Auto Training?

Savvy dealers know that sales and F&I training improves their team’s performance and bolsters the bottom line. What can sales professionals learn from The ACE Group’s automotive training sessions?

Auto Sales Training

The ACE Group’s sales training focuses on those skills necessary for your staff to increase sales. Each session starts by outlining steps to the sale, then pivots to setting and reaching sales goals. Lead prospecting is covered, then the staff is trained on how to overcome customer objections. They learn the most effective closing techniques as well as how to follow up on sold and unsold opportunities. There’s also information on maintaining compliance and on maximizing customizer satisfaction scores.

F&I Training

F&I training sessions focus on those specific skills necessary to capitalize on every sales scenario. Content includes F&I basics, major F&I products and how to sell them, handling objections, providing full legal disclosure, reducing chargebacks, decreasing the time customers spend in the finance office, and minimizing potential problems.

How Auto Training from The ACE Group Helps Your Bottom Line

Auto training from The ACE Group helps your sales professionals become superstars. They not only learn how to close more sales; they learn how to maximize those sales with highly profitable F&I products.

ACE’s training seminars help staff better upsell GAP insurance, service contracts, and similar products. It also teaches salespeople how to deal with and overcome customer objections, which results in a higher close rate.

The bottom line is that sales and F&I training from The ACE Group will help your dealership boost profitability and increase customer retention and satisfaction – all of which improve dealer profit. In-house training classes are open now for enrollment.

Contact The ACE Group today to learn how our sales training programs can boost your sales – and your profits.