The ACE Group is an industry leader in automotive consulting products and services. (ACE stands for Automotive Consulting Group.) Unlike most firms offering finance and insurance (F&I) products and services, our background is in the car business. That makes ACE the ideal F&I professionals for your dealership – we’re car guys, just like you.

Who We Are

The ACE Group is a privately held group of F&I professionals located in the Kansas City area. As our (trademarked) motto states, we are the car guys who got into the insurance business – not simply insurance people trying to navigate the car business. Our management team has decades of experience working for several large and successful dealership groups in the Kansas City area. We know how the car business works.

The ACE Group was formed because we recognized a need for automotive F&I Professional services and products that help dealers boost profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and improve customer retention. We know how tough the auto business is and how dealers struggle to operate on razor-thin margins. By offering a variety of high-margin F&I products and services, we help dealers improve their profitability and become better, more successful businesses.

We Know Your Business

Because we know the car business, we understand the unique challenges that dealers like you face in today’s marketplace. This enables us to offer services and products that we know are both dealer- and customer-focused.

With our collective automotive background, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, compliance, and integrity – as well as managing costs and bolstering the bottom line. We work for you because we think like you. We’re on the same side.

Our years of dealership experience also help us understand your customers. We know that customers want more than just the lowest price; 54% of customers say they’d rather buy from a dealership that offers a superior experience, even if that dealer doesn’t have the lowest price. Our goal is to help you provide that superior experience and grow your customer base.

More Than Just F&I Professionals

As F&I professionals, we’re always looking for new products and services that can help our clients improve their bottom lines. We know that every dealership is different, and we tailor our offerings for your specific needs.

With The ACE Group, you can pick and choose from those services and products that are right for you, including:

  • Compliance services
  • Extended service contracts and warranties
  • F&I product financing
  • GAP insurance
  • Inventory management services
  • Prepaid maintenance programs
  • Sales and F&I training

The bottom line is that the car guys at The ACE Group know what dealers want and need – and work to provide those solutions. Our background in the car business makes us F&I professionals that you can rely on to help grow your business.

Contact the F&I professionals at The ACE Group today to learn how we can work with you.