A vehicle service contract is like a warranty that promises to perform or pay for services or repairs that your car may need. This contract comes with a lot of benefits to your dealership’s customers, including quality assurance and affordability in the long haul.

The ACE Group has partnered with Gold Standard Automotive Network to provide high-value service contracts for your dealership.

Gold Standard Automotive: The Go-To Automotive Service Contract Partner for Your Dealership

Gold Standard Automotive Network has been giving auto dealerships peace of mind for over a decade with exceptional coverage that comes with routine maintenance. They offer vehicle service contracts that go beyond the basic coverage to give your customers more value for their money.

When customers see that you are putting the extra work to ensure their assets are protected, they will refer more potential buyers, and this may boost your sales.

Top Benefits for Your Dealership When You Choose Gold Standard Service Contracts

Besides having a reliable auto service contract partner, here are some of the benefits for your dealership that come with being part of Gold Standard products:

1. Routine Maintenance with Every Policy

Gold Standard service contracts include routine maintenance of all vehicles to ensure they are in top shape and can serve the next buyer efficiently.

2. Coverage for Any Make, Model, and Year

Whether your dealership sells new or used vehicles, you can always count on service contracts from Gold Standard for full coverage. These service contracts provide service and repair coverage for all makes, models, and years.

3. Paid at Time of Service

You do not have to worry about delayed payments for your repairs and services. When you have a service contract from Gold Standard, payments will be made at the time of service, giving you much-needed peace of mind. Repair facilities will also have a breeze processing Gold Standard claims.

4. Salvaged Branded Options

Gold Standard Automotive also offers service contracts to salvage vehicles. If your dealership sells salvage vehicles, this company is your best bet.

5. Sales Tools, Tips, and Training Videos

The auto service contract comes with sales resources that your dealership can utilize to optimize the performance of sales and service teams. Talk about value for money.

Why You Want to Work with Gold Standard Automotive Network

If you want to work with a vehicle service contract company that cares, look no further than Gold Standard Automotive Network. This company is easy to work with (regardless of the type of dealership you have), and the friendly maintenance package of the service contracts will help you sell more cars. Your customers will be highly satisfied and will always be requesting these service contracts.

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