Purchasing an extended auto protection plan is a priority for many car buyers who don’t want to risk shelling out thousands in unexpected car repairs.   These buyers are aware that manufacturer warranties are often limited and rarely offer long enough coverage. Extended auto protection plans can also be a great revenue stream for your F&I department. However, which provider to trust with your dealership’s customers is an important decision.

Although the benefits of auto protection plans are clear selecting a suitable partner for your dealership can be overwhelming given the variety of options available on the market today. This is why the ACE Group has sought out strategic service contract and warranty administrators to be able to offer dealer partners a program for any want or need that they or their consumers may have.

The ACE Group recommends Red Shield Dealer Services as one of the best in the industry for providing tailor-made auto packages to suit your customer’s vehicle, driving habits and budgetary needs while providing the best possible coverage.  Whether it be a lifetime warranty program or a short earning 3/3 Red Shield Dealer Services has a program to fit your needs.

Their RED Shield Guard Program was developed for independent dealers, but can also be used in franchise dealers.  They provide plans that offer one to five years’ worth of coverage and up to 100K additional miles of coverage.  All of the RED Shield Guard programs have limits of liability of $12,500 or Actual Cash Value, whichever is greater. In addition, all RED Shield Guard programs come included with roadside assistance, towing, travel expense reimbursement, and a rental car program.

Their RED Shield Essentials Program was developed for dealers wishing to place short-term service contracts on vehicles. The Essentials program has 3, 6, and 9-month terms. Since these are short-term protection plans, the rates are extremely affordable.  The Essentials plans come with roadside assistance, towing, and travel expense reimbursement, and a rental car program as well.

The ACE Group wants you to be completely confident that you’ve aligned with the best providers available so we’ll give you all of the information you need up front.  Contact us today to discover the best options for your dealership.

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