F&I software provider, Darwin Automotive, provides dealers with a variety of F&I growth opportunities crafted precisely for the current needs of the industry.

Experts agree that digitalization of the F&I process is inevitable and dealers should be thinking about where the world will be in three years by modernizing and investing in technology now.

While digital tools are key to increasing profits in the F&I office, dealers shouldn’t let the fear of being left behind drive investments in technology.  Dealers need to understand that whatever technology they offer has to be incorporated into their everyday business practices. Technology should enhance what you already have in place in your dealership, not replace your current process.

Darwin F&I Software is designed to combat the ongoing issue of margin compression and the lost opportunities from customers leaving the dealership without purchasing F&I products. With this new F&I software customers can now access and purchase F&I products from the dealership whenever and wherever they chose.  The profit potential is significant.

Dealer technophobia may keep F&I software and information in the manager’s hands, but using tools customers are familiar with, and allowing them to explore options on their terms, gives customers the feeling of control in the F&I office.

Many customers today are stuck on their iPhones and Androids and iPads.  With Darwin F&I software, dealers can now hand the iPad over to customers to get them engaged and choose F&I options their way.

With the Darwin F&I software menu, increased digitalization brings the potential of increased transparency. Presenting product offerings and pricing for customers to peruse at the dealership or remotely before heading into the store, gives them a chance to learn about the product and calculate how it will affect their monthly payments.

The adoption of digital tools in F&I offices is ongoing, but many experts believe F&I software technology is going to completely take over those products that make the job easier, faster and more customer-friendly.

Whether you sell from a tablet, piece of paper or via text message – Darwin can do it all.  Visit The ACE Group to see if Darwin Software is right for your dealership.

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