It is no secret that the automotive industry continues to struggle to attract and retain their best employees. The sad reality is that over the years, the industry has developed a reputation that pushes many excellent car salespeople away.  The last thing you want to do is lose some of the best talent and have to start the hiring process all over again.

Here are a few tips to help inspire and retain your top performers:

Consider your pay structure

The auto industry is well-known for using financial perks as a method to reward car salespeople and ensure healthy incomes.  However, some are more likely to be interested in a stable wage, rather than the uncertainty of commission-based pay.

This doesn’t mean you should reconfigure your commission structure completely, but it might be time to review and look for opportunities to bolster base pay and offer alternative incentives for going above and beyond.

Rethink the work week

Car dealerships don’t have standard 9-5 office hours, but being rigid about traditional work-week schedules might be driving away good car salespeople who want more flexibility.

You shouldn’t allow employees to work fewer hours or give them the freedom to enter and leave whenever they please, but a move toward more flexible schedules is likely to inspire and motivate your employees.

Everyone wants a positive work-life balance and creative employee scheduling is a great way to show you care about the well-being and happiness of your staff.

Celebrate small victories

If sales managers are only giving their top car salespeople recognition and encouragement when they close big sales, those reps can lose motivation and jump ship for a more supportive environment.  Sales reps get a big rush when they see the fruits of their labor pay off.

Keep your sales team engaged with their success every day.  High performers need coaching and support to sustain their performance. 

Create opportunities for development

Every car salesperson wants to see their career progress.  Training, coaching and consistent feedback are the keys to continued improvement. Your approach to professional development will determine the results your team will achieve.  So continue to invest in your sales team and it will translate to a huge win for your dealership.

Retaining a solid and loyal sales team is not an easy task.  It is about changing how you think about and approach growth and development.  About focusing on improving results through improved car salespeople. It will not happen overnight; it takes time and commitment. The good news is you can begin this process immediately.

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