Even a brand-new car needs maintenance to ensure performance and to keep the factory warranty in force. Prepaid maintenance programs drive customers to your service department by providing a comprehensive program completely designed around your dealership’s criteria. This keeps much-needed revenue within your dealership while sparking repeat business.

These highly effective plans are customized to your dealership inventory’s exact requirements, so you can provide a pre-paid maintenance program that’s perfect for your business.

Benefits of a Pre-Paid Maintenance Program

Pre-paid maintenance programs keep service reimbursement dollars within your store, so you never have to worry about losing money because a customer’s car needs repairs. It’s the glue you need to keep the back of the house busy and drive production for your business. Here are a few of the benefits of The ACE Group’s pre-paid maintenance programs.

Increased Revenue

While selling a car provides revenue to your dealership, the service department is where margins are really driven. Repairs, replacement, and other routine vehicle maintenance are necessary throughout the life of a car. So, instead of each customer providing profits on one sale, your dealership gains multiple visits over the life of the vehicle by servicing it.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Any time your customers choose a third-party service center you’re one step closer to losing that customer for life.  Customers purchasing a vehicle from you with a pre-paid maintenance plan are leaving your dealership with a built-in reason to return to you time and time again for those services vs visiting a third party repair facility.  This increases your dealership’s brand loyalty, as these satisfied customers are more likely to turn into brand advocates for your business.

Pre-paid maintenance plans are offered by dealerships around the country, and they increase sales while ensuring service department transactions.

Transform Your Dealership with Pre-Paid Maintenance Programs

A pre-paid maintenance program is a useful product for your dealership to offer to its customers. These pre-paid maintenance plans provide peace of mind for customers who know they have a guaranteed place to go for vehicle service. They increase brand loyalty while driving revenues and raising satisfaction.

On the dealer side, pre-paid maintenance gives you the opportunity to send notifications for service reminders and provides dozens of touchpoints throughout the life of the vehicle. It helps forecast resources and drives revenue to the service department, where it’s most needed.

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