Are you looking for text messaging tips to close auto sales better? You’re heading in the right direction as SMS continues to be a powerful marketing tool today. Read on and discover text messaging tips to help close more deals.

A recent study shows that people opened 82% of text messages sent by businesses. This report is an assurance that your messages will get through. The only thing left is to craft an SMS good enough to warm up your customers and get them to buy.

Auto Dealer Text Messaging Tips to Boost Your Sales

SMS marketing is a double-edged sword. Do it properly, and you can secure a sale. However, it’s a different story if the message is not professional enough or sounds like hard-selling. Your customers can easily opt-out of purchasing from your dealership and even block your messages.

Here are some practical tips that can help you connect to your customers better and boost your revenue:

1. Keep Your Messages Short

Most people ignore lengthy messages that look like a wall of text as soon as they see them. That’s why text messages should be brief and on point.

The technique is not to overwhelm your customer with too much information. Send them a quick note like “Hi NAME. The all-new ABC is here! Go for a test drive today. Call our showroom at 123456789.”

2. Include a Call-to-Action

From the same example above, you can easily see that there is a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the message, “Call our showroom…” Instead of just sending an informational message, you’re nudging your customers to act right away.

3. Be Sure to Add Some Benefits

Your CTA will not be as compelling if you’re not going to relay the benefit your customers will get. They need to know first-hand that they will get something in return if they decide to take action. So in the same example above, it would be “Go for a test drive today.”

4. Be Personal in Your Messages

When you add a personal touch to any form of communication, it helps establish a connection easily with your customer. Even if you’re sending a business message, you should address them by name instead of “Mr. John Doe.”

This approach is very effective, especially when you’re doing follow-ups. Since you’ve warmed up the customers on their last visit, they have already interacted with you personally. People are more comfortable responding to a personalized message instead of a generic one.

5. Respond Immediately

If a customer responds to your text message, be sure to reply immediately. Even if you’re not talking face-to-face, treat the interaction the same way you would when talking with them directly. You wouldn’t leave your customer hanging when talking to them in the showroom. And quickly responding is an excellent way of showing you value your customers.

Even if what you sent is a promotional message, you need to answer back immediately for any inquiries.

Use These SMS Tips to Improve your Dealership’s Performance

Follow these text messaging tips to help close more auto deals. If you do it right, you’re more likely to close a sale as you’ve already warmed them up even before they arrive at your dealership.

Do you want more effective ways to close a sale? Contact us today, and we’ll help you boost your revenue.