Selling cars is one component of a complete sales experience. Other products, though, like GAP insurance and service contracts, add a layer of protection and peace of mind for your customers.

Smart AutoCare is leading the industry in creating these products and services that will solidify your customers’ sales experience and help your team close the deal.

What Does TruGAP™ Offer Dealerships and Their Customers?

Traditional GAP insurance covers the difference between what your customers owe on their vehicle and how much their insurance company pays for a total loss.

Unfortunately, GAP insurance usually comes with limits on the loan to value (LTV) they’ll cover or deductions that limit how much your insurance company will pay.

TruGAP provides extended coverage for your dealership and customers:

  • Deductible coverage: If you’re in an accident that results in a total loss and you are responsible for paying a deductible, TruGAP will cover up to $1,000 of that.
  • Loan balance payoff: Instead of LTV limits and a list of deductions, TruGAP pays the actual difference between what your customer owes and what their insurance pays.
  • Dealership incentive: TruGAP may offer a unique incentive for both car dealers and their customers – a $1,000 credit if your customer purchases from the dealer who sells the insurance.

Smart AutoCare created a truly comprehensive GAP solution for car dealers and buyers with TruGAP.

3 Ways Smart AutoCare Influenced Industry Standards

The insurance industry is often viewed as outdated and in need of modernization. Smart AutoCare is working to revolutionize F&I in the auto industry.

1. Increased Customer Value

GAP coverage usually comes with limits that can cost your customers more money in the long run. With TruGAP, your customers don’t have the same restrictions on their loan value.

This can be especially important for customers that have subprime credit or negative equity they can’t cover while also investing in a new vehicle.

2. Enhanced Financial Solutions

Another drawback of traditional GAP products is that your customers still have to pay for any deductibles their insurance companies require.

TruGAP sets the standards by not only covering the true gap between your customers’ payoff and value but also paying for deductibles up to a certain limit.

3. Improved Client Retention

A unique feature of TruGAP is that it encourages client retention, something most GAP providers can’t offer. The dealership incentive is a practical marketing strategy for repeat customers.

Your customers want an experience that is convenient and TruGAP offers the right combination of financial protection and virtual ease.

How TruGAP Can Enhance Your Profits

Smart AutoCare offers a practical solution that will enhance your customer’s financial protection while providing your sales team with an incentive to bolster client relationships. TruGAP is your dealership’s ticket to boosting profits through insurance upsells.

Ready to find out how TruGAP can enhance your bottom line? Contact The ACE Group today to get started.