Offering the best possible dealership services to your customers is only possible if you have a high-functioning, well-trained, ambitious team.  While this type of team may entail many different individuals, more and more, you’ll find that they have one thing in common.

It’s no secret that Millennials are quickly taking over modern workforces.  So, if you plan to continue offering dealership services for the foreseeable future, you need to understand what it takes to manage this generation.

3 Things You Must Know to Manage Millennials

If you’ve struggled with managing Millennials before, you may be actively avoiding ever attempting to do so again.  However, as Millennials are now, you can’t continue avoiding them for very long.

Eventually, you’ll need to hire another Millennial.  Before you do, though, it might help to make the following three distinctions about what it takes to manage them effectively.

1. Millennials Want More Than a Paycheck

Make no mistake about it: money is still a very effective motivator. It probably always will be.  That said, it would appear as though money isn’t always enough to keep Millennial employees in place. This would help explain why as many as 71% of Millennials are job hoppers. They are always looking for another opportunity, which is why you may have already experienced significant turnover with this generation.

One of the many options you may consider to keep your Millennials from looking elsewhere is providing them with opportunities at your dealership.  87% of Millennials report that career growth and professional development are both very important to them.

2. Mentorships Are Important to Millennials

Mentorships can be some of the best forms of management, especially if you offer a wide range of dealership services that each require their own training. Your veteran employees probably also have a lot of soft skills they can pass on to their mentees – skills it took them years in the trenches to master.

Fortunately, from their employers. Establish a program that incentivizes your best employees to mentor your Millennial staff members, and you’ll give both a reason to stick around.

Furthermore, you’ll also delegate much of your managerial duties to those employees who are best able to train these younger team members.

3. Lots of Feedback Is, Too

Similarly, Millennials are very open to direct training. They want to be closely coached so that they’re able to meet their professional goals.

Employees who can’t take constructive criticism are usually more trouble than they’re worth. Millennials, on the other hand, may leave if you don’t give them sufficient feedback.

So, instead of waiting for their annual reviews, you should take every opportunity to tell your Millennial-employees how they are doing. Whether it’s their grasp of the dealership services you offer, their overall sales acumen, or some other skill, as long as you’re constructive, your critiques will always be welcomed.

Invest in Your Millennial Workforce

While it’s always a good idea to continue improving the dealership services you offer customers, don’t forget about the vital role your staff plays, too.

Combined with the information above, remembering this will make it easier to manage Millennials and create the kind of team your dealership needs to continue seeing success.