The ACE Group is happy to offer Endurance Auto Extended Service Contracts in our lineup of VSC warranty products. And they’re proof that a little extra coverage can go a long way for your customers.

Why should your customers consider an Endurance Service Contract? Because consider this: their car breaks down. They have to have it towed to the closest mechanic. That mechanic tells them what he found … but since they didn’t choose that mechanic, he was just the “closest guy”, they don’t know whether he’s trustworthy or not. Then, all those repairs (the ones they actually may or may not need) get paid out of your customer’s pocket. Did they pay too much? Were the repairs done well? Or will they have more problems down the road? (No pun intended.)

Listen, cars break down—no matter how new or “reliable” it appears they are. It’s the inevitable hazard of ownership.

But breakdowns don’t have to break the bank.

With an Endurance Auto Service Contract, you can help your customers select the plan that works best for them. So they’re covered when the unavoidable happens. All it takes is one call, and Endurance will take care of the rest—from negotiating repairs to reimbursing for a hotel room if your customer’s situation has left them stranded. And their advocate team is made up of retired mechanics who will work with your customer’s mechanic to make sure the right repairs are being done.

Endurance Auto Warranty has a comprehensive plan for every kind of car—even ones that are 20 years or older. Their coverage is backed by an AM Best “A” rated insurance company and AAA insurance companies, and is an A-rated member of the Better Business Bureau (that’s a lot of As!). Endurance is accepted at your dealership or any ASE licensed mechanic. Oh, and they’re also one of the largest providers of vehicle protection coverage in the nation.

If you want to make sure your customers are taken care of, long after they leave your dealership, offer them an Endurance Auto Service Contract through The ACE Group.

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