Anything can happen after one of your valued customers leaves your lot with their newly purchased vehicle. Accidents happen, and so does wear and tear. Parts wear down eventually, and even the sleek interior of a vehicle can show signs of damage within a short time.

Your customers will feel secure about their purchase if you provide interior and exterior protection products to protect their car and reduce the overall cost of damage repair. Not only do these preserve a vehicle’s appearance, but they also ensure a car’s value doesn’t drop significantly.

After five years of being driven off the lot, a car’s value will have decreased by as much as 60 percent depending on the make and model. A lot of the decrease in value depends on how well the car was maintained. Managing the appearance and health of a vehicle can be done efficiently with the right products.

Interior and Exterior Protection Products

Interior and exterior protection products can greatly affect the vehicle’s appearance, future value, and protect your customer’s investment.

  1. Exterior Protection

Whether a vehicle gets a couple of scratches or dents or even weather damage, the exterior can be greatly affected without an extra layer of protection.

  • Dent and ding: Dent & Ding Protection product stays a step ahead of damaged appearance. This can subtly remove dents without damaging the paint.
  • Tire and wheel/road hazard: This protection plan saves your customers from expensive tire and wheel replacement. Included in this plan is cosmetic damage repair for alloy and chrome, as well as tire and wheel replacement.
  • Windshield: The Windshield Repair or Replacement program is available for several situations, including the repair and replacement of a damaged windshield.
  1. Interior Protection

Besides day-to-day wear, a car’s interior can also be affected by pets and children, especially if the car has a light-colored fabric.

  • Leather and vinyl protection: These protect a car’s interior from harmful UV rays from the sun and heat to maintain the upholstery and keep it from fading or drying out.


  • Fabric protection: These products seal a vehicle’s upholstery with a coating that prevents damage such as fading, stains, and premature aging. Applying this invisible yet effective barrier to a vehicle’s upholstery can improve its appearance and lifespan.

Protect Your Customer’s Vehicle with The ACE Group’s Interior and Exterior Protection Products

The ACE Group will have you covered with the latest industry-leading protection products. Why wait for something to go wrong when you can help your customers take preventative steps to ensure that they are happy and driving a vehicle they love.

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