How a vehicle looks is important. A blemish on the exterior of your customer’s car also affects its value. Each time your customer takes their auto out on the road, it’s vulnerable to unpredictable damage. From a dent or ding on the car door, driving to the mall or office can lead to unexpected damage. Such damage is inevitable, but there’s some good news! The ACE Group has a great auto dent and ding protection program for your customers.

Dent and Ding Protection Plans Offer Valuable Customer Vehicle Coverage

Are you prepared to provide expanded value services to your customers? A dent and ding protection program is part of our critically bundled F&I products designed to support the auto reconditioning and repair requirements of your customers. The program offers affordable access to paint-less dent repair (PDR) expert services.

What is PDR?

Auto professionals use PDR to smooth out irritating dings and dents. They do this by accessing the underneath of the imprint and knock it out to its previous shape. The repair process requires several systems, including an apparatus that pulls the dented region back into shape. The PDR process is straightforward.

Benefits of Professional PDR

PDR is the first logical choice solution for dent repair if the damaged area is unbroken, split or cracked. Most customers prefer it over traditional auto body repair because PDR:

  • Helps save money – Fixing the car’s body is an expensive undertaking. PDR helps customers put aside some cash since there are no expensive painting costs involved.
  • Saves time – Paint-less auto body repair does not require intensive work for general fixes. In most cases, the mechanic completed repairs in minutes. So, clients get their vehicles back the same day.
  • Standard of service is better – A PDR job does not injure a car’s body. Without PDR, auto professionals must ruin the paintwork to fix the damage.
  • Maintains vehicle value – Scratches, marks and other unsightly harm to the exterior lower the car’s value
  • Is a green repair option – PDR does not require repainting a car, which involves the use of paint containing hazardous fumes. Your ecologically conscious customers will appreciate your support of the environment.
  • A permanent solution – The process molds a dented panel back to its original shape. This repair method has a lifetime guarantee, and the dents or dings don’t come back again.

Provide More Value with The ACE Group’s Dent and Ding Program

The ACE Group equips your dealership with critical tools to enhance the value of your products and services, including a dent and ding program. This program comprises an extensive list of stand-alone, paint-less dent repair professionals who make sure your customers’ vehicles maintain their beauty for years.

Get in touch today and find out more about our dent and ding protection program.