Every successful dealership is staffed by successful sales teams. Although it’s often possible to “create” these kinds of salespeople through your auto dealership training, that shouldn’t be the extent of your efforts. Instead, it’s just as important that you attract the best possible candidates to begin with.

3 Ways to Attract the Right Salespeople to Your Dealership

Whether you need to add to your current team or build one from scratch, are you sure the people you’ll interview will even be worth your time?

Are you worried that you’ll need to hire-and-fire several times before you finally end up with someone who has the potential you’re looking for?

In order to run a successful dealership, you must always have a pool of candidates you can choose from for your sales team.

So, no matter what its current status is, implement the three tips below and you’ll always be ready to improve this vital element of your dealership.

1. Survey Your Current Sales Team

Survey your current salespeople and find out how happy they are with your dealership and where you could improve. Here are just some examples of the surprising things salespeople look for when choosing a new employer:

  • Solid Compensation Package
  • Meaningful Mission
  • Consultative Sales Process
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Opportunities to Learn

This last part is where a high-quality auto dealership training program can be beneficial, especially if the word gets out that yours actually helps salespeople enhance their skills.

2. Improve Your Marketing

It’s no secret that sales and marketing teams must be aligned. Otherwise, it’s inevitable that neither will be able to reach their potential.

That’s why improving your car dealership’s marketing strategy may go a long way toward improving the caliber of salesperson you’re able to attract.

After all, no car salesperson wants to spend their days standing around your dealership just hoping that someone will eventually show up to do more than kick tires.

You also can’t utilize the tip mentioned above for improving your auto dealership training if no potential customers ever show up to be sold.

3. Create a Better Company Culture

How’s the company culture at your dealership?

If you’ve never paid much attention to it before, now is a good time to start.

As you’re probably well aware, salespeople tend to talk, so news spreads quickly from one dealership to the next.

This can work to your advantage if salespeople learn that your dealership is one that takes its company culture seriously and has even made strides to improve it.

Don’t Settle for Lackluster Sales at Your Car Dealership

If your sales numbers aren’t currently where you’d like them to be, it would be a good idea to update your auto dealership training and put some of your people through it again.

At the same time, don’t forget that you can always hire new salespeople, too.

Just be sure you first implement the above advice so you’re not going through a mountain of resumes hoping to find the diamond in the rough.

You want a constant supply of diamonds, so you’re never without options the moment you need them.

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