It’s almost 2021, and you are probably revisiting goals, rewriting sales plans, or gathering new prospects. After all, the auto sales world is competitive.

To improve efficiency and profitability, as well as reduce human error, finance and insurance companies are increasing their use of automation throughout their organizations.

How an Automotive Consultant Can Help Your Finance and Insurance Business

As market focus moves away from old-fashioned IT models to a more flexible world of standardization, autonomous operation, and intelligent automation, F&I that neglect digital innovation within their scope of work are at a significant disadvantage. Those who do not deploy automation consultation quickly fall behind their rivals.

Here are 10 ways an automotive consultant like you can help set 2021 for success.

1. Think Ahead

Be ahead of the competition and plan early. Before 2020 ends, draft a review of your F&I performance and prepare your list of prospects. Successful sales consultants unfailingly allocate time for planning.

2. Follow Up on Warm Leads

Be strategic and prioritize follow-ups on the previous year’s warm leads – clients who have shown interest but have not made a purchase. First, they are likely ready to invest. Second, the New Year is an opportune time when people spend generously.

3. Be Visible Online

Create a social media business page or a website. An increased online presence helps establish authority and facilitates direct access to your target market.

4. Ask for Reviews

Ask clients to rate your auto finance online to help raise public awareness of your quality service as an auto consultant. Feedback also helps improve performance.

5. Market Purposefully

Today’s consumers are well-informed, thanks to digital technology. Use this to your advantage and market purposefully. Do not merely post salesy content, but also helpful tips and practical information like car maintenance tips, financing options, or innovations.

6. Adopt an Incentive Scheme

You can always incentivize people to refer clients to you. This way, you have more hands helping you close a sale. You can extend tokens, offer faster loan processes, or monetary commissions as incentives.

7. Segment Your Market

Identify and profile your target market. Tactical marketing requires you to focus on a specific market segment at a time and tailor your marketing messages accordingly. After all, different car models have different target consumers.

8. Vary Your Pitch

Be flexible when pitching to clients. For instance, car enthusiasts may look for aesthetic and performance information as opposed to new families who may prioritize fuel efficiency and economical prices.

9. Be Presentation-Ready

You never know when you’ll meet a ready buyer – maybe in a social club or while you randomly sip coffee in a shop. You cannot miss opportunities only because you failed to prepare. Know the trade by heart and give your clients options.

10. Develop a Relationship with Clients

Current clients could potentially buy more cars from you in the future or refer their friends to you. Make sure you develop a relationship with them. Send them thank you gifts or check on them even after sales.

Working with The ACE Group for Your F&I Automotive Consulting

Looking for an industry leader that can help your automotive business increase its profitability while retaining customer satisfaction is challenging. With The ACE Group, we offer a wide range of solutions concerning finance and insurance.

To learn more about what we can do for your auto business, contact us for an appointment.