A car is a major purchase that depreciates in value over time. Timely repair and maintenance are needed to maximize its lifespan.

One way to save yourself from costly car-related expenses is to possess a vehicle service contract, which grants you discounts and other privileges. Sometimes a manufacturer’s vehicle service contract will not suffice. Hence, you will need an external provider for your warranty solutions.

Why You Need Warranty Solutions

One of the biggest purchases that you probably will make is your car. Hence, you must know how to protect your vehicle. Choose a warranty solution that can address your demands and security needs.

Cost Reduction

A sedan vehicle typically costs around $6,000 annually, while the average cost of maintenance and repair in a year could reach up to $1,000, which is about 17% of the annual cost.

Getting yourself a vehicle service contract protects your family from hefty expenses. For an affordable rate, you can take advantage of great discounts for car services and auto parts.

Flexible Insurance Option

Some car owners are hesitant to make use of an external vehicle service contract because of the fixed term. In case of unsatisfactory service, they are afraid they cannot change insurance partners easily. In truth, an extended service contract with Warranty Solutions will allow you to cancel anytime and, under certain conditions, refund you of your contract’s unused portion.

You can also choose your mileage and number of terms of payment. This level of flexibility allows you to customize your plan according to your driving needs. Some car owners only use their vehicles for infrequent trips. Hence, they are okay with lower claims and less service coverage.

Lastly, look for car service contracts that are transferable. In case you decide to sell, the new owner can still benefit from it.

Protection Benefits

The auto insurance industry has evolved and diversified into other protection offerings (e.g., identity theft protection, key replacement, lockouts, fluid delivery, towing, etc.). You can now utilize the 24/7 customer support, which is helpful during times of emergency. You do not need to go through a rigorous search for an available service shop, as your insurance provider automatically connects you to their partners.

While these offered conveniences appear trivial on paper, they prove to be lifesavers in actual emergencies. Imagine driving to a remote town with no known contacts when your car breaks down.

Without a vehicle service contract, you will have to spend on costly mechanic services or be inconvenienced by adjusting your budget to pay for the auto services. With an extended warranty solution, you do not need to shell out money, only give an agent a ring.

Partnering with ACE Group for Your Warranty Solutions

Looking for a company that can provide you good coverage without having to spend so much money can be challenging. By choosing The ACE Group for your warranty solutions, you are assured of expansive and flexible vehicle service contracts.

The ACE Group seeks to meet the diverse needs of our car dealers. We offer coverage options that are tailor-fit to your budget and requirements.

Contact us for more details on our warranty solutions.